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By the end of 2008, Dalian had 4 professional art performance troupes under direct municipal jurisdiction, 13 public libraries, 12 cultural art galleries and 7 public museums.

[Artistic Creation and Performance]:
These professional art performance troupes have completed some 1450 performances to audiences totaling nearly one million, including 649 performances to 597,000 in their homes. Turbulent Apricot Yellow Flag won the gold medal at the Fifth China Peking Opera Festival, and the acrobatic Dalian Girls' trick cycling won the gold medal at the 16th Massy International Circus Festival in France. The acrobatic program The Passion of Today's Man and Woman in Supple Virtuosity won the Seventh Chinese Circus Chamomile Award, namely the gold prize in the second national acrobatics competition, when the 2008 Dalian Professional Art Performance Troupe Demonstration Match was held.

[Social and Cultural Events]:
A series of events for Building a Cultural Dalian were organized. The 2131 Project of Film Screening Project was further implemented, 12096 shows were presented to farmers, and the audience came over two million. The Golden Rooster and Hundred Flowers Film Festival shows were both a success. There were 28 foreign movies with more than 70 showings, 32 domestic movies with more than 100 showings and nearly one thousand square movie showings. The Dalian Library was designated with the first group of national important protection units as a cultural relic; Zhuanghe city, Jinzhou District, Xigang District and Lvshunkou District were named as Chinese Folk Culture and Art Townships by the Ministry of Culture.

[News and Publishing (copyright) Administration]:
By the end of the year, Dalian had seven newspapers, 55 periodicals and six publishing houses (both audio and video). The event Delivering Books to Villages was launched: more than 28,000 books were sold and over 3400 donated. Setting up enterprises using the software licensing regulation was facilitated.

[Administration of Cultural Market]:
A series of special inspections of the cultural market was carried out. 3000 people participated in the inspection of over 1800 cyber bars and more than 40 dancing halls. As well, there were more than 1,800 publication market inspections, over 700 businesses, 134 printing enterprises, and 55 heritage conservation units checked out. 85 thousand illegal audio and video and print items were confiscated and three illegal audio and video workshops demolished.

[Cultural Relics and Museum Work]:
295 definitions and descriptions of the scope necessary to maintain cultural relics were completed at the provincial, municipal and district (city) levels. 835 immovable historical relics were described and catalogued. Municipal museums held 32 temporary shows and special shows, and 230 objects were collected or donated. Lvshun Museum was designated in the first group of National First Class Museum, with Dalian Modern Museum and Lvshun Japan & Russia Prison Museum, as a National Second Class Museum.

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