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The Chinese Traditional Costume: Qi Pao
BY 2015-01-16 14:21:02

The cheongsam, or Qi Pao in Chinese, evolved from an ancient Manchu robe. In those times, long gowns were worn by the people of Manchuria, Mongolia and the Eight-Banner.
After the 1940s, influenced by new fashions at home and abroad, the Manchu men's cheongsam was phased out, while the women's cheongsam became narrow-sleeved, fitted to the waist, relatively loose at the hips, and its lower hem reached the ankles. The various different designs we see today emphasize color decoration and set off the beauty of the feminine figurewith its simple elegant lines. What's more, it is suitable for wearing in all seasons by old and young.

The cheongsam can be long or short, unlined or lined, woolen or silk. Besides, with different materials, the cheongsam can present different styles. Those made of silk have patterns of flowers, plain lattices or thin lines to demonstrate the charm of modest femininity; those made of brocade are eye-catching and magnificent, suitable for the occasions when greeting guests or attending banquets.
The cheongsam features the strong national flavor and embodies the beauty of Chinese traditional costumes. It not only represents the current Chinese dress for women, but has also become a symbol of the oriental traditional costume.

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