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Dalian Jiaotong University
BY 2015-01-07 13:44:42

Teaching and Scientific Research:

The university is carrying on the reform to improve the teaching and the guiding principle are students are definite that the university should "lay stress on development of the students rudimentary knowledge and at the same time broaden their studies, making them more creative with good personalities", and at the students should "be good at foreign language and proficient in the application of computer technology, an competent and skillful in solving practical problems with strong consciousness of social responsibility and firm basal theoretic". And they also establish the "Double-Majors, Double-Bachelors" education pattern and international pattern by cooperating with foreign universities and education organizations.

DJTU constantly gains its high reputation for its rigorous management and its serious academic pursuits. Scientific research and technological development play a greatly important role in the central work of the university, which has its on advantages in mort than 20 fields of research and technology as rolling stock CAD/CAM, urban rail traffic, overhaul equipment for rolling stock, material design, welding engineering, fine ceramics, continuous extrusion and coating technology, gear drive technology, advanced manufacturing technology, onsite bussing technology and environment protection engineering. In the recent fifteen years,the scientific research funding has been increasing significantly. In 2006, DJTU presided over 3 national 863 programs, the total funding fee amounting to almost 3.15 million Yuan. More than 20 scientific results obtain various rewards and 30 patents are authorized. And 230 disquisitions are embodied by SCI, EI, ISTP. DJTU now has founded 1 engineering research center authorized by the Minister of education, 2 provincial level engineering centers, 4 provincial level key laboratories, 1 municipal level engineering center. Dalian Riel high-tech company of DJTU with independent intellectual property rights has become an important base for personnel training, scientific and technological research.


At present there are 676 professional teachers among which 99 are professors and 210 are associate professors. And many faculty members have received various national and provincial awards for their research achievements, such as the "Young and Middle Aged Experts with Outstanding Contributions to Railway Ministry", "Excellent Backbone Teachers in Liaoning Province" and ¡°Young Top Talents in Railway Ministry".

International Exchange and Cooperation:

DJTU actively involves itself in international exchange and cooperation. As a result, it has established good relations with the universities in Japan, France, USA, Germany, Russia and Australia. In 2004, there are 51 foreign teachers from 11 countries working at the university and 41 foreign teachers from 10 countries in 2005. At the same time, DJTU also actively involves itself in promoting the education for foreign students who are studying Chinese in China. Up to now, they have educated more than 1500 foreign students from nearly 4 countries which have set a good base for boosting internationalization.

Construction of Infrastructure:

In recent years, the education resource has been extended by buying and cooperation. The school consists two main parts that are Sha Hekou campus and Lvshun campus, with the total floor space amounting to 925,000 square meters. On the other hand, DJTU owns its teaching equipment worth 102.07 million Yuan. The modern and multi-functional laboratory building, 22,780 square meters in area storages more than 886 thousand volumes and 203 thousand e-books. The university has set up the campus network system with 1000M Backbone and 100M to the desktop. The Education Technology Center, Multimedia Rooms, Foreign Languages Teaching Laboratory and other organizations and equipments could supply advanced and efficient informational and technological environment for teaching, scientific research and management. And it also makes it possible that DJTU will approach the higher level on the condition of the informational society.

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