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Scholarship System for Foreign Students
BY 2015-01-04 10:48:22

Pursuant to The Administrative Regulations on Higher-Education Institutions Hosting International Students, the Chinese Government announces implementation of the following rules with regard to the provision of scholarships for international students:

1. The Chinese Government offers "Chinese Government Scholarships" to international students receiving education in China.

2. The "Chinese Government Scholars" are available to undergraduates, postgraduates and students attending non-degree programs.

3. The Ministry of Education offers dedicated research and training scholarships on an as-needed basis.

4. The Ministry of Education is responsible for drawing up admission plans for international students receiving "Chinese Government Scholarships" in accordance with agreements signed between the Chinese Government and foreign governments and on the basis of the needs of China's academic exchange programs with foreign countries.

5. International students receiving "Chinese Government Scholarships" are subject to annual eligibility reviews. The reviews are performed by the host higher-education institutions according to relevant regulations. International students failing the reviews will no longer receive "Chinese Government Scholarships".

6. Local people's governments and higher-education institutions may separately or jointly offer scholarships to international students. Subject to the approval of the host higher-education institution and provincial education authorities, Chinese and foreign businesses, public institutions, social groups or other entities and individuals may offer scholarships to international students without unreasonable conditions.

(Editor:Grace) (From:dl.gov.)
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