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Dalian Supply & Marketing Associated Cooperatives
BY 2015-01-04 10:22:18
Dalian is a seaside city and a port with beautiful scenery and a pleasant climate, enjoying a good reputation both at home and abroad. The Dalian Supply & Marketing Associated Cooperatives (hereinafter referred to as the Cooperatives) is to the south of People's Square, the center of the city.

The Cooperatives was set up on Nov. 9, 1949 together with the founding of the People’s Republic of China. It was then a cooperative economic organization step-by-step and voluntarily joined by farmers to be independent in management and responsible for one's own profits and losses, and to have self- development and self-binding. It has worked as a bridge to connect production with circulation, industry with agriculture, and city with countryside. In its early stage and hardship, the Cooperatives at various levels, with its principles, made outstanding contributions to urban-rural material exchanges, the recovery and development of agricultural production, the solidification of the worker-peasant alliance and the improvement of urban and rural people's living conditions. With 53 years' of hard work, after the 3rd Plenary Session of the 11th Party Congress, in particular, the Cooperatives has greatly developed in economy, becoming a large-scale economic union with powerful strength and integration of commerce and industry. 
The Cooperatives is a cooperative economic organization under collective ownership and entrusted by the Dalian Municipal Government for organizing and guiding farmers to develop a commodity economy, to promote urban-rural material exchanges and to serve agriculture, farmers, and rural areas. It performs administration empowered by the government for county-level cooperatives and gives them industrial guidance. 

The Cooperatives has adhered to the policy of reform and opening-up for years, and has greatly developed a rural and urban supply & marketing cooperative economy as well as a diversified economy by taking advantage of its sufficient outlets and large coverage, reinforcing its economic strength. It now has 8 subsidiaries directly under the Municipal Cooperatives, 7 county-level Cooperatives, 55 affiliations to county-level organizations, 112 at grass root level, and 1,366 outlets, with gross assets of RMB 1.8 billion and annual sales of RMB 10 billion.        

The Cooperatives keeps innovating systems, breaking the traditional business scope, changing its operation mode, and adjusting its business structure, broadening its business areas. It has now developed 7 pillar industries: beverage, fruit & vegetable, agricultural materials, warehousing, renewable resources, fireworks & firecrackers, and decoration materials; and 4 development systems: a commodity exchange market system with groups of large markets as a vehicle; an urban commercial system with famous brands and key products as a dominant; a warehousing industrial system with warehouse facilities as a foundation; an agricultural industrialization system with agricultural material supply and buying & selling agricultural & non-staple products as a main business.   
The Cooperatives has adhered to serving agriculture and taking part in agricultural industrialization, developed professional cooperatives while they are doing better work of agricultural material supply and circulation of agricultural & non-staple products, ushered farmers into big markets by making good use of its effective carrier to stimulate great circulation, enrich farmers and develop the cooperatives. There have accumulated 100 various professional cooperatives in Dalian, with their products involved in many fields such as planting, breeding, processing, etc., and with the participation of tens of thousands of households. The Cooperatives has become an indispensable force to support commodity production in the rural areas, help the urban economy flourish, activate urban and rural markets and participate in agricultural industrialization.  
The Cooperatives has, by taking advantage of a port city and of the right to handle import & export business, greatly developed an export-oriented economy, taking the shape of a new grid for an all-round export-oriented economy. It has developed import & export relationship with many countries and regions such as the United States, Japan, Brazil, New Zealand, France, Hong Kong, Thailand, Taiwan, etc. for food, oil, feedstuff, edible oil and chemical industry products; and started joint-ventures with 24 overseas enterprises of beverage, food, light industry and wood products processing; obtaining outstanding profits with their products selling well. And the annual production of Coca Cola produced by its joint venture with Kerry Beverages Limited, Hong Kong, has reached over 100 thousand tons and a sales income of RMB 0.6 billion.     

Though it has achieved many gains, there is still a long way to go for the Cooperatives. It will, as usual, adhere to the policy of reform & opening-up, strengthen foreign exchanges, and develop an export-oriented economy so as to make new contributions to serving agriculture, farmers and rural areas, to revitalize the old industrial base of the northeast and to speed up “Greater Dalian”. Meanwhile, it welcomes partners both from home and abroad to cooperate in the import & export trade, utilization of renewable resources, establishing tertiary industry, aquatic products breeding & processing, and agricultural & non-staple products operation, in order to create a bright future together!

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