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Government Offices Providing Service for Foreign Invested Enterprises
BY 2015-01-04 10:23:51
No. Procedure for Establishing Foreign Invested Enterprises Examination and Approval Office Office Location

1 Corporate Name Verification Municipal Bureau for Industry and Commerce Municipal Administrative Service Center

2 Project Review and Approval Municipal or District ( county level) Foreign Trade and Economic Bureau Administrative Service Center for the local districts/counties/leading areas

3 Code Certification of Legal Representative The Quality & Technology Supervision Bureau of Dalian Administrative Service Centers

4 Business Licensure Municipal Bureau for Industry and Commerce Administrative Service Centers

5 Administrative Seal and Corporate Records Dalian Public Security Bureau Municipal Administrative Service Center

6 National and Local Tax Registration Dalian Sub-bureau of State Administration of Taxation and Local Bureau of Taxation Municipal Administrative Service Center

7 Foreign Currency Registration Dalian Sub-bureau of State Foreign Exchange Administration Zhongshan Square

8 Banking Services Banks in Dalian (Corporate Discretion)

9 Customs Entry Dalian Customs No.66, Renmin road
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