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Dalian tops 2 nationwide for composite innovation efficiency
BY 2014-08-06 10:00:01

Dalian’s newly revised Regulations of Dalian Municipality on the Advancement of Science and Technology took effect on Aug. 1 last year. According to the Dalian Municipal Science and Technology Bureau, within the year Dalian carried out a strategy of innovation-driven development, built a regional innovative system, balanced and coordinated the innovation resources of the whole society, promoted independent innovation and conversion of sci-tech outcomes, and made progress in building an innovation-oriented city. Recently, the data of the Ministry of Science and Technology for monitoring 53 pilot innovation-oriented cities nationwide shows that Dalian topped the entire group with eight of twelve quantitative indicators and topped 2 with its composite innovation efficiency.

Last year, the CPC Dalian Committee and the Dalian Municipal Government produced their Opinions on Speeding up Technological Innovation. The municipal government increased the proportion of advancement of science and technology and protection of intellectual property rights in its performance appraisal for the district- and county-level governments as well as the administrative committees of pilot areas. In the same year, municipal-level fiscal expenditures on science and technology accounted for 2.67% of the total public budget expenditures.

Dalian has established and completed a technological innovation system with enterprises as a subject, the market as orientation and a production-teaching-research combination; carried out a training plan for innovation-type enterprises and established a support system for the development of enterprises from their startup to grown-up. There are 569 national high-tech enterprises and advanced technology service enterprises in Dalian, accounting for 40% of the total in the province; the high-tech product added-value of designed size enterprises exceeded 25% of the city’s GDP and topped similar cities nationwide. There are 26 state-level R&D centers affiliated to enterprises, and 36 organizations set up corporate work stations for post-doctors. The Center for Transmission of Wind Power and Control Technology, the National Lab for Comprehensive Controlling Technology of CNC Machine Tool, and the Engineering Research Center of Large-scale Bearings have become national heights.

Based on its systematic public services, Dalian has set up a “one-stop” technology service platform, Dalian Technology Compass, bringing technology finance, technology R&D and transfer, new business incubation, intellectual property rights, and technology investment attraction service as a whole. Dalian has developed 40 city-level or above incubators, with a total area of 1.6 million m², 13 of them state-level incubators; and set up 10 open industrial technology institutes.

Strengthening key technical researches. Dalian has teased out its industrial eco-chains and technological innovation chains, 31 technological innovation chains in all, such as nuclear energy equipment, marine engineering, rail transit and polymeric materials; and identified 107 key technology points such as high-end intelligent equipment. 

Establishing and improving policies to support, fund and reward intellectual property development. Dalian has implemented plans for patents and technology transfer and transaction, run an intellectual property service platform, and set up an intellectual property public service system bringing the legal aid system of upholding intellectual property rights, exhibition and match-making, information services, and propaganda and popularization into a whole. 

Producing and improving policies and measures for fostering and introducing technology innovation talent. Dalian has initiated Dalian Innovative Talent Program, and awarded the first group of 11 Outstanding Young Technology Talent and 104 Dalian Young Technology Stars, granting each of the Outstanding Young Technology Talent Stars one million Yuan for their research programs, and giving priority to Young Technology Stars in funding their projects and sending them to enterprises for production-teaching-research cooperation.

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