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Zhuanghe, a young and energetic county-level city
BY 2013-09-17 08:47:20

(DALIANNEWS)- The World Economic Forum’s Global Shapers Community launched “The Youth and the Charm of Zhuanghe” activity with Zhuanghe, a county-level city of Dalian in Liaoning Province. It is the first time for the Summer Davos to open arms for a Chinese county-level city.

In views of the government leaders in Zhuanghe, Zhuanghe is a young and energetic city, which is perfectly matches the development of the Global Shapers Community.

The Ecology of Zhuanghe

Integrated sea, river, lake, mountain, forest, spring, island, port and city together, Zhuanghe owns advantaged natural resources. The special geographical environment brings different ecological landscapes to Zhuanghe. There are stretches of mountains in the northern part. Located 1130.7 meters above the sea level, Buyun Mountain is the best habit for wildlife. Central region is the rolling hills. The autumn scenery of the gorges and the streams are attractive. The smell of farm life can be tasted from wild vegetables and cold water fish. The terrain slopes gently in the southern part, laying a foundation for the city’s agriculture. The environmental ecological agricultural and sideline products are diversified, such as mushroom, blueberry, duck eggs, apples, etc.

Picture above shows the attractive scene of Bingyu Valley, which is honored as Northern Guilin.

Picture above shows that Heidao Island was enveloped in the dawn.

Zhuanghe has built up a stereoscopic traffic network to coordinate ecological tourism. The two offshore islands will be constructed into the most beautiful leisure sea islands in north China. The aquatic tourist route will be open in the near future. Zhuanghe will focus on the open and construction of characteristic economies according to the development strategy of paying equal attention of exploitation and protection.

Picture above shows the overview of Yingna River which has been involved into Dalian water resource preserved area.

Picture above shows the beautiful landscape of Haiwang Nine Islands Tourism Resort which own unique tourism resources.


Zhuanghe has been selected as “The Best Tourist City of China” and it will strive for “Forest City of Liaoning Province” and “Garden City of Liaoning Province”.

Economy of Zhuanghe

In the development progress of urbanization, Zhuanghe always insists on the people oriented idea. 26 buildings have been completed to help 426 families resettle down. Many characteristic industries have been expanded, providing employment opportunities for peasants. Employment trainings are provided to improve the employability of the peasants and the public service level is enhanced to let the people enjoy city life.

Picture above shows that the new buildings in Zhuanghe are built along the water with the livable standard.

Pictures above show the overview of Zhuanghe City. There are new changes every day in the developing Zhuanghe.

Zhuanghe has explored a new urbanization development road which regards the central towns as the demonstration pilot. Relying on the advantage of the sea location, Zhuanghe has set up three industrial clusters along the sea coast.

Picture above shows the characteristic agricultural products in Zhuanghe relying on the green environment.

The city’s GDP realized 75 billion yuan up to the end of 2012. The local revenue reached 3.05 billion yuan and the per capita net income of peasants is 13,600 yuan. The economic competitiveness of Zhuanghe rose to the 31st place on the list of Chinese Top100 Counties.

Culture of Zhuanghe

The folk cultures in Zhuanghe are abundant, such as paper-cuts, modern folk paintings, lanterns made bydough, etc. There are 4 Liaoning provincial level intangible cultural heritages and 9 Dalian municipal intangible cultural heritages in Zhuanghe.

Apart from traditional folk arts, the enthusiasm of Zhuanghe people for culture added the light of the city. More than 100 traditional folk art exhibitions are held every year and a batch of cultural famous people join in the events.

Pictures above show the abundant folk arts of Zhuanghe. The arts are full of the flavour of the folk life.

Pictures above show the prosperity of Zhuanghe in ecology, economy and culture. Zhuanghe is on her way to a new ecological city in the North of Huanghai Sea area.

In the future, Zhuanghe plans to build a batch of intangible cultural heritages into culture products, and then promoting the cultural contents of city tourism products by transforming culture products into tourism products, promoting the interactive development of culture industry and tourism industry. On this foundation, Zhuanghe is going to launch Folk Culture Festival, Folk Culture Performance, Regional Culture Products Exhibition to set up Zhuanghe Culture Brand and build Zhuanghe into a famous culture city.

(Editor:Yan Lei, Grace ) (From:DALIANNEWS)
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