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BY 2012-01-06 08:05:21

Mayor Li Wancai Delivered Report on the Work of the Government during the 5th Session of the 14th Dalian Municipal People's Congress

Fellow Deputies,

On behalf of the Dalian Municipal Government, I now present to you my report on the work of the government for your deliberation and approval. I also invite the members of the Dalian Municipal Committee of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference (CPPCC) to provide comments and suggestions.

I. Review of the Work in 2011

The year 2011 just past was unusual for Dalian’s development: we achieved satisfactory results to step up three new stages of “six” in economic aggregate and won the third straight “National Civilized City” award, in spite of experiencing severe tests through serious safety accidents and emergencies. Facing unprecedented difficulties and a complex situation, the Dalian Municipal Government, under the correct leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee, the Liaoning Provincial Government and the CPC Dalian Municipal Committee, united and led the entire people with firm confidence and great courage, overcame difficulties and forged ahead, successfully accomplishing various tasks assigned in the4th Session of the 14th Dalian People's Congress and having a good beginning for the 12th Five-Year Plan.

The estimated GDP of Dalian last year reached 610 billion yuan, an increase of 14%; general fiscal budget revenue of the local government amounted to 65.1 billion yuan, up 30%; investment in fixed assets of the entire city was 456.3 billion yuan (according to the original caliber of 650 billion yuan), an increase of 30%; total retail sales of consumer goods was 191.9 billion yuan, up 17%; actual utilized foreign investment amounted to 11 billion US dollars, an increase of 10%; the per capita disposable income of urban residents was 24,300 yuan, and the net per capita income of rural residents was 14,150 yuan, up 14% and 15% respectively; the registered unemployment rate in urban areas was 2.89%.

1. Steady improvement of economic operation quality

By taking the strategic economic restructure as a main direction, we promoted and drove economic growth toward the coordination of investment, consumption and exportation. Thepulling effect of investment was strong: with multi-measures and great efforts, we promoted the steady growth of investment, with 1,328 annual planned major projects of 10 million yuan each; 708 of them were 100-million-yuan projects. Thepulling effect of consumption was obvious: the consumer demand for automobiles, household electric appliances and culture kept increasing; Dashang Group has become the first of its kind to exceed 100 billion yuan in sales revenue in department storesnationwide. We also successfully hosted the Dalian International Fashion Festival & Carnival, and the Dalian International Beer Festival, with an increase of total tourist revenue of 18.2%. Thepulling growth of exportation was better than expected: we achieved $ 30.35 billion of foreign trade export value, up 16%, by overcoming the impact of an increasing decrement.

By taking transfer & upgrade and intensive development as an orientation, we speeded up the modern industrial clusters. A number of major projects such as Huachen Auto Production Base and GROB Tool Machine started up; others including the main equipment of CFHI, LNG, the HEV Production Base of FAW, Phase I of CNR (Lüshun), Dongbei Special Steel (Dalian), COSCO Shipbuilding and Goodyear Tire & Rubber were completed and put into production; ZWZ Bearing Industry Park was listed in the top 50 of national industrial clusters. 22 provincial-promoted industrial clusters increased their sales revenue more than 32%, and, the large-scale industrial value-added of Dalian increased by 16.3%. Some strategic emerging industrial projects of Elec-Tech International Co. Ltd., Dalian Aerospace Software R & D Base, the Smart Display Centerfor Cloud Computing and the 5 MW Wind Turbine made progress. Service industrial clusters, the headquarter economy and building economy have become the important backups of the city proper economy.

By taking technology and innovation as a driver, we improved the endogenous economic growth. Dalian BEST City opened; Dalian became a national modern service industry base, an industrial base for innovative software and a pilot city for the integration of science & technology and finance. Dalian’s patent applications and patent grants increased 48% and 34% respectively; the MTO project has won the Gold Medal China Patent Award. 25 major projects of technology and innovation including the application demonstration for "The Internet of Things" paced the nation. The value-added of Dalian’s high-tech products has increased 29.7%. The guidance and backup of the technology and innovation are becoming more important in Dalian’s economic and social development.

2. Obvious effect of macro-urbanization

With the “Four Urban Groups” as a general framework, we have implemented the planning for macro-urbanization, optimizing the macro spatial layout and functional grid. The service economy in main city areas has developed toward high-end and intensiveness; some key areas such as Diamond Harbour and Lüshun Green Economic Zone have quickened their steps. The starting area of Puwan New Area, “10 functional parks” of Jinzhou New Area and the Auto Logistics City in Dalian Free Trade Zone are under speedy construction, initiating a good first step for the goal of “taking shape within 3 years and completing within 5 years”. Changxing Island Harbor Industrial Zone, Wafangdian Coastal Economic Zone, Huayankou New Material Base and Zhuanghe Changxing Island Harbor Economic Zone are developing rapidly.

We have reinforced the macro infrastructure to carry out 192 major infrastructure construction projects. The east section of Shengli Road, the overpass at the north section of the West Passage and Pi-Pao Expressway have opened to traffic; Shugang Highway at Dalian Bay, the main body engineering of Zhuang-Gai Expressway and DDA section of Zhenlian Road have completed; some follow-up projects of Dalian Metro, Dalian North Railway Station, the Rapid Rail Line of Lüshun Southern Road, the International ConventionCentre and Phase II of the Hongyanhe Nuclear Power are in fast progress. Some new projects were commenced such as the cross-sea passage, Bohai Road and transformation of Sandaogou Water Treatment Plant; major projects, with Puwan New Area as a core, connecting the main city area and areas of the Yellow Sea and Bohai Sea have all been initiated. The infrastructure system for the integration and network of the city has been establishing.

We have given a great push to industrialization, urbanization and agricultural modernization to step forward the county economic strength. In 19 parks along the coastal economic belt, their foreign investment recruitment accounted for 82% of that of the entire city, becoming important vehicles for opening-up economic development. 10 modern urban agricultural projects have all been completed, with 1,410 newly built small zones of standard greenhouse facility agriculture and 40 designed-size leading agricultural enterprises. The output of grain and major agricultural products has made history. The “Three News” Program for the new countryside is in pragmatic progress; the engineering of “six key points” was carried out in 256 villages and the Program of Whole Village Poverty Alleviation in 31 villages. The three northern cities have stepped up greatly on the list of the national top 100 counties, Wafangdian jumped up to 13th. The county economy is playing more important backing up and pulling roles.

3. Rapid progress of “Three Centers”

We have speeded up 12 port areas’ construction including Dayaowan, Taipingwan and Lizifang; the modern port cluster grid of “twowings,three circles” has taken shape. Changxing Island Port has been approved to open up; Phase III of the airport has been put into use. The site selection and the reclamation engineering for the new airport have been inaugurated; Dalian Airlines was founded and passenger throughput exceeded 12 million person-times.

The logistics center backed up by inland dry ports and rail-sea combined transport developed rapidly; the main body of the Xianglujiao Logistics Transport Center was completed; the International Airport Logistics Park was commenced; Dalian E-port combining finance, information and logistics opened. The container output of Dalian Port reached 640 TEU, stepping firmly toward its goal of “10 million TEU within 3 years”.

15 domestic and overseas financial institutions opened in Dalian; the balance of the newly increased loan and the amount of multi-channel financing was 225 billion yuan; Dalian ranked first in the northeast in cross-border yuan trade settlement. The first global coke future was traded at Dalian Commodity Exchange; the Finance City of Xinghai Bay has gained a capacity of congregating 50 billion yuan. The competitiveness of Dalian as a financial center has seen it rise to be 8th nationwide.

4.Further improvement of people’s livelihood quality

With the improvement of people’s livelihood as its starting point and foothold, we spared no efforts to push forward the development of people’s livelihood. The Dalian Municipal Government has accomplished all the 15 tangible things it promised its citizens to do in 2011 and effectively solved some hotspots and difficulties related to people’s vital interest.

Dalian ranked first in the national Performance Evaluation on Entrepreneurship-oriented Cities with 189,000 urban employees into the work force. Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone was awarded as a “National Advanced Labor Relations and Harmonious Industrial Park”.

We developed the system of social security; perfected the mechanism for land compensation & resettlement subsidy as well as “farmers to citizens”. We started to carry out the Merit Pay System in institutions and planned to raise the pension for enterprise retirees and people getting the minimum wage. We speeded up the development of the social aid system and the service system for the elderly and the disabled, with input of 260 million yuan into building 85 urban and rural nursing homes; Dalian has become the “Demonstration City for Disabled Work”. The Promotion Plan for Family Health benefited 382,000 people. We carried out a new type of rural medical security system, a municipal pooling system for urban resident basic medical insurance, and got Medicare accepted generally.

We built 35,000 units of public rental housing and, regarding low-rent housing, we carried out a system for those who meet the requirements to be ensured of access. We repaired and regulated 296,000 square meters of abandoned buildings; we kept enlarging the coverage of the housing provident fund.

5.All-round development of social programs

We initiated education reform and developed 10 engineerings. We built up 37 urban public kindergartens and subsidized 613 generalized preferential public kindergartens, greatly raised the standard of office expenditure for primary and middle schools, and achieved obvious results in education target aid between areas. Dalian has become a national experimental area for comprehensive reform of vocational education.

We promoted the reform of public hospitals and the grass-root health sector, enlarged the coverage of the national basic medical system and raised the minimum fund-raise standard of theNew Rural Cooperative Medical System up to 230 yuan. We accelerated a great number of major infrastructure projects like the new Health Care Center. Dalian and Wafangdian have passed their re-examination for “National Health Cities”.

We launched the new Science & Technology Museum, Dalian Museum and Dalian Library; Radio Dalian and Dalian TV regrouped; the system reformation of Dalian Song and Dance Troupe, Dalian Modern Drama Troupe and Dalian Acrobatic Troupe completed. Dalian’s artistic creativity and performances were prosperous with stronger development of the cultural industry. Dalian Sports New Town was accelerated and the Dalian Citizen Fitness Center completed; Dalian won 36 medals at the 7th National Inter-city Games; the Albion Football Team succeeded in getting into CSL; the Shide Women’s Football Team won the national championship.

Reinforcing and innovating social management. We accomplished the 8th direct election of urban community residents’ committees to strengthen grass-root administration and democratic self-rule. By integrating the management functions and service resources of population, employment and social security, we positively cultivated new social organizations to promote connection and interaction between the government administration and people’s self-rule. We adhered to the system of leaders’ receiving complaints and handling cases, gave full play to the role of people’s mediation organizations, perfected mechanisms for the voice of people’s remedies, interest coordination, contradiction mediation and rights & interests guarantees and brought legal aid into the social security system, therefore the people’s letters and visits decreased. Dalian has become a national “Advanced City of the ‘5th Five-Year’ Law Promulgation Plan”.

6. Improvement of urban management and environmental treatment

Regarding the reality that Dalian is in a peak time of construction projects, we initiated the “Year of Traffic Regulation” and environmental treatment. We speeded up the development of the road network in main city areas and tried to solve difficulties of driving and parking through a combination of construction and management. We reinforced the law enforcement of road traffic and seriously cracked down on illegal traffic; improved the long-term mechanism of urban management, conducted a vertical management of city-district-street administrative law enforcement, developed the socialization of environment and sanitation and initiated a digital urban management system.

With the input of 10 billion yuan from the whole society, we got 1.19 million mu forested, with green coverage rate up to 45.1%, named as a “National Forest City”.

Upholding low-carbon and green development to strengthen energy conservation and eco-environmental protection. We speeded up the development of sewage treatment facilities, with the treatment rate of domestic sewage to above 90%. We promoted the demonstration and popularization of HEV, with 901 HEV buses in operation, and replaced 512 new buses; conducted 10 projects of energy efficiency; accomplished all the tasks for eliminating outdated industrial capacity, reducing energy consumption per 10000 yuan of GDP by more than 3% and with a pollutant emissions reduction of more than 2%; and developed a recycling economy. Dalian Eco-industrial Demonstration Park was awarded as a National City Mineral Demonstration Base; Dalian was listed as the pilot city for turning kitchen waste into useable resources and with safe treatment; Dalian also ranked first in the national top 10 of low-carbon cities.

7. New progress in reform and opening-up

Promoting reform in key areas and links. The reform of the new areas management deepened; the comprehensive reform on all sides of Ganjingzi District progressed steadily; the provincially supported management mode of regional “small government, great services” took shape. We accomplished the system reformation of Daxian Group and Bangchuidao Food Group and the restructure of Dalian Airport Group. The state-owned enterprises improved their financing ability obviously: Dalian Rubber & Plastics Machinery accomplished directional add-issuance of shares and Dalian DHI · DCW Group listed as a whole, to take the asset securitization ratio of the city-level state-owned enterprises to 44%. We set up the Dalian Rural Commercial Bank and the first Equity Investment Government Guidance Fundas well as its management and finance companies. The rural collective property rights system reform deepened and the social credit system is strengthening.

Speeding up the opening and development of the coastal economic belt. We initiated the “Year of Major Projects” and the “Investment Recruitment of the Double Top 100”, inviting global top 500 enterprises and top 100 industries to invest in Dalian. 365 foreign-funded enterprises and 24 projects exceeding 10 million US dollars each were newly approved, ranking Dalian first of the sub-provincial cities nationwide in actual use of foreign capital for 3 consecutive years. We set up the first CustomsBonded Software Service Outsourcing Centers nationwide; seized opportunities of domestic industrial transfer and north-to-south capital transfer; and doubled the efforts of domestic investment attraction, brining in 155 billion yuan of domestic capital. We successfully hosted the 5th “Summer Davos” in Dalian. Dalian is becoming the height of the new round of opening and development and a hot spot for domestic and overseas enterprises to invest and develop in the coastal area.

Firmly supporting the transformation & upgrade of private enterprises to improve the quality, efficiency and level of private economic development. Facing the tight-money policy and declining demand of the external market, we tried everything possible to help private enterprises with their difficulties in financing and rough market channels. We organized 147 guarantee institutions and agencies to provide SMEs with 28.33 billion yuan of guarantee financing, and set up 54 small-loan companies to offer 8.45 billion yuan of loans. By means of matchmaking for enterprises and trade negotiations, we helped private enterprises to expand their domestic and overseas market. The estimated value-added of the private economy will be 360 billion yuan, up 23%. The contribution rate of taxation and employment of private enterprises is increasing.

8.Enhancement of government self-building

Pragmatically promoting the development of learning-type government. We have condensed wisdom, reached consensus in the “Great Discussion”, and turned the profound insight of cadres and masses at large into policies and measures for the transformation of development mode and solutions to problems of development, raising our level of strategic decision-making and of administration according to law, and improving our ability to tackle complex situations and address actual issues.

Speeding up the shift of governmental functions and improving the efficiency of administrative services. We initiated a joint municipal- and district-level administrative mechanism and got them connected through an online approval system. We made new breakthroughs in opening governmental information in some key areas such as the running of administrative power and construction projects. An “All in One” Website of 45 categories of public enterprises and institutions opened. We tried hard to correct illegitimate practices of all trades and focused on fighting against anything that harms the interests of the masses, and gave full play to the function of departments of supervision and audit to prevent corruption at its source and optimize the development environment.

Adhering to the system of reporting major events to the NPC and communicating with the CPPCC, and being conscientiously subjected to legal and work oversight by the Dalian NPC & its Standing Committee and to the democratic oversight of the Dalian CPPCC. We regularly listened to the opinions and suggestions of non-Communist parties, federations of industry and commerce and personages without party affiliation, and were consistently subjected tosupervision by the people and by public opinion. We accomplished 663NPC motions and 628 CPPCC proposals with 99.9% satisfaction.

We also gained new achievements in various fields such as ethnics, religion, foreign affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, works related to Taiwan, civil air defense, meteorology, earthquake disaster reduction, archives, mutual support and joint construction, militia and reserve forces.

Fellow Deputies,

2011 was unforgettable. Confronted with challenges, we totally depended on the trust and support of the entire people, worked hard with firm confidence, and never stopped our steps forward in rapid development, giving a push to economic development up to new stages; we tightly got hold of opportunities for development, kept pace with the time and blazed new trails in a pioneering spirit, taking a new step forward in urban transformational development; we never stopped benefiting people and making them well-off, and we did down-to-earth work in all our efforts, ensuring the new development of people’s interests; we never retreated from difficulties, and we pulled together for a common cause and overcame the hard time with concerted effort, creating a new situation for the development of a happy and better city with united efforts.

Fellow Deputies,

It was not at all easy for us to make all these achievements! We owe all of this to the correct leadership of the CPC Central Committee, the State Council, the CPC Liaoning Provincial Committee and the Provincial Government; to the concern, support and assistance of all walks of society, to the abundant accumulation of the work containing the sweat and blood of the majority of our leaders and masses. Hereby, on behalf of the Dalian Municipal government,I extend my sincere thanks to the people of Dalian, to all the NPC deputies and the CPPCC members at various levels; to members of non-Communist parties, federations of industry and commerce, and personages without party affiliation; to all the retirees; to various departments from the central and provincial governments and various associations from other cities and provinces in Dalian offices; to officers & soldiers of the Dalian Garrison and all the policemen; to friends both at home and abroad who have been showing concern and supporting Dalian.

We must keep ourselves acutely aware that while affirming the achievements we still have to face many difficulties and problems: arduous tasks of economic restructuring and transformation of development mode; enhancement of production safety and greater pressure on social stability; improvement of the city environment and social management; prominent problems people are concerned about such as traffic, housing, social security and income allocation; and optimization of government performance and the soft environment for economic development.

II. Main Objectives and Tasks for 2012

2012 is the last year for this government and a connecting link between the preceding and the following. The situation we are facing is very complex as the downturn risk of the world economy is clearly increasing, the contradiction of unbalanced, non-coordinated and non-sustainable domestic economic development is getting prominent, and the restriction on Dalian’s economic development because of resources, energy, land and the environment is becoming serious. Meanwhile, there are still opportunities in the crisis of international environment and still great potential in domestic demand. Dalian is now in an important strategic time of opportunity for rapid development and transformation development. With the acceleration of macro-urbanization, Dalian hasreleased the gushing vitality for innovation of system and mechanism, improved its integrated competitiveness and broadened its spatial economic development.

What we are encountering now are all problems in the development. To us, development is the first task, thus, we must never be disturbed by those problems and never retreat from those difficulties in the progress; we must well coordinate relations between development and environment, development and people’s livelihood, and development and stability, adhering to strategic development and leap-forward development with confidence and determination. Firmly adhering to the transformation of development mode, we will, with the requirements for increasing the economic aggregate based on increment and optimizing the reserve based on innovation, by making the use of advantages of sea and harbor, spare no efforts to develop & improve some harbor industries such as petrochemical, equipment manufacturing and shipbuilding, develop bigger and stronger strategic emerging industries, and speed up modern service industry, strengthening the backup of entity economy; Firmly adhering to macro-urbanization, we will promote the development of all the urban groups at a high level, deepen the reform of the government administration system, break the limit of the administrative division, optimize resources allocation, create policy advantages, speed up the development of all the key industrial parks along the coastal economic belt, shaping a new grid for joint development of ports, economic zones and the city; Firmly adhering to the improvement of people’s livelihood, give prominent priority to the guarantee & improvement of people’s livelihood, focus on solutions to problems relating to people’s interests and people care most, and try our best to do tangible things and best things for the masses, benefiting them with practical results of reform and development.

The guiding principle for the government work in 2012 is: We must seriously implement the spirit of the 6th Plenary Session of the 17th Central Committee, theCentral Economic Working Conference and the 2nd Plenary Sessions of the CPC Provincial and Municipal Committees, with the outlook of scientific progress as a guide, adhere to the goal of ensuring steady development and making haste slowly, implement a strategy of opening and leading, having transformational development, giving priority to people’s livelihood and building the city by relying on quality, accelerate macro-urbanization, speed up “Three centers, One cluster ”, focus on the transformation of economic development mode, deepen the reform and opening-up, guarantee & improve people’s livelihood, reinforce and innovate social management, and promote cultural prosperity and development, striving for a rich, beautiful, civilized and modern international city.

The main preset targets will be: GDP increases by 13%; general budget revenue of the local government increases 15%; social fixed-assets investment goes up 20%; total retail sales of consumer goods increases more than 16%; the actual use of foreign capital goes up 10%; the per capita disposable income of urban residents and the net per capita income of rural residents increase 13% each; registered unemployment rate in urban areas is under 3%.

1.Deepening strategic adjustment of economic structure and stepping up the transformation of development mode

Driving the optimization of industrial structure by the optimization of investment structure, improve the economic efficiency of production input and social efficiency of public welfare input, and broaden the scope and area of private investment. Dalian has established 1,841 100-million-yuan projects, with a total investment of 1.62 trillion yuan and an annual planned amount of 370 billion yuan. We will carry out the responsible system for major projects, monthly reporting system and “Green-channel” system, in order to reinforce scheduling, coordination and supervision, ensuring the progress of projects under construction and in follow-up construction according to their plans and maintaining a reasonable investment increase.

Encouraging immediate consumption, developing new consumption and tapping into potential consumption. We will take large dominatingmarketsand modern commodity markets as key points to boost community convenience stores and modern commercial development of central towns in rural areas, and to establish the convenient service network covering all the urban and rural areas. We will work out promotional policies to guide consumption in health care, culture, education, tourism, age-care and environmental protection. We will double the efforts in the demolition & reconstruction of old city areas and squatter settlements to maintain sustainable and healthy development of real estate sector.

Strengthening supporting policies and market exploitation, supporting the development of export-oriented enterprises by carrying out “one enterprise, on policy” to promote the building of exportation base. We will optimize structure of foreign trade and increase the exportation of mechanical and electrical products as well as high-tech products, maintaining the stable growth of foreign trade export.

In accordance of the layout of the state petrochemical industry and Dalian’s “12th Five-Year Plan”, aiming to the advanced level of the world, on the premise of establishment of the system for safety management, we will go all out to plan & build Xizhong Island Green Petrochemical Industrial Park for some major projects such as Dalian Petrochemical (remove), Hengli Petrochemical, the million-ton ethylene of Shede and Yanchang Giant Petrochemical, and to promote orderly relocation of some petrochemical projects like the Fujia Chemical Plant at Dagushan Peninsula. We will inaugurate “5 projects” to step up 3 shipbuilding & ocean engineerings at Dalianwan, Lüshun and Changxing Island, and the bases of National CNC Machine at Jinzhou New Area, Bearing R & D in Wafangdian and CNR in Lüshun, promoting the leap-forward development of industrial clusters.

Cultivating strategic emerging industries. We will speed up the Base for World Software and Information Services in Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone and the National Industrial Base for New Materials in Huayuankou; promote the development of the IC industry, cloud computering and network industry; give a push to some new projects such as new energy vehicles, storage batteries and LED lighting into market and initiate the development of “wireless city” in Dalian. We will formulate and complete Dalian’s Planning for Green Industries, step up Lüshun Green Economic Zone and Zhuanghe National Eco-industrial Demonstration Park.

Strategically planning for the development of marine resources, fostering competitive marine industries. We will speed up the Changshan Islands Tourist Holiday Resort and modern marine ranching to develop strong marine economy.

Developing the modern service industries such as financial commerce, software information, technological services and convention & exhibition by making use of districts’ comprehensive advantages. We will give priority to building economy, headquarter economy and network economy. Some major projects like Diamond Harbour, the CBD along coast of new airport, International CBD of the West City, Xiaoyaowan International CBD, Jinbo Coastal Modern Service Industry Development Area and the Olympia 66 will gain greater and faster development in 2012. we will promote the project of “Sleepless North Harbor” within the main city area, speed up macro hot spring tourism and organize better festivities, building Dalian into a tourist destination city.

Taking the creation of a national innovative city as a guide, initiating the demonstration program of Dalian’s creativity industry and shifting the economic development toward the endogenous economic growth driven by technology and innovation.We will focus on special independent and innovative major projects, set up 10 industrial alliances for technology and innovation and a group of innovative vehicles like the National Research Center for Engineering Technology and some key labs; develop the creation and conversion of high-value core patents, get hold of 100 core intellectual property rights and promote local conversion of 10 independent results of intellectual property rights. We will accelerate the construction of Dalian BEST City, CASNano Technology Park, Dalian Lüshun Technology & Innovation Park and the Technology Incubation Network, improving cluster effect of some national high-tech industrial bases for CNC machine and new energy.

2.Accelerating macro-urbanization and promoting balanced regional development

Macro urbanization is an innovative move in the implementation of the Strategy for the Opening and Development of the Liaoning Coastal Economic Zone, a strong engine to drive the new round of development and a pragmatic policy for sustaining economic growth, adjusting structure, stabilizing prices and benefiting people, so that we must open mind, proceed with confidence, strategic scheme and promote with efforts.

We must put northward of major infrastructures, congregate important resources and elements into counties and send supporting policies into rural areas, enhancing the urban economic functions of all the key areas and their ability for absorbing production elements. We will accelerate 19 key parks along the coastal economic belt, put forward the supporting of infrastructures, make clear about dominating industries, innovate management systems and perfect integrated service functions. We will step up all the major projects scattering in each park such as Wanda Golden Pebble Beach Cultural Holiday Resort,Dongfeng-Nissan Motor Base, Huachen Auto Production Base and the Puwan New Area Base for CarbonFiberComposite Materials, and ensure some projects like CHERY Auto, SGAuto and Dongbei Special Steel to put into production within the year, creating a good situation for clusters of high-end industries and joint development of all the regions. We will work hard for the national approval of Changxing Islands Free Trade Zone, support the applications of the Huayankou Economic Zone and Lüshun Economic Development Zone for the national-level ones, and help the new areas to apply for the experimental areas of national comprehensive coordinative reforms.

Overall planning and increasing input in the infrastructure system of integration and network. We will complete the projects of Dalian North Railway Station, the International Convention Center, the Expressway of Zhenlian Road and Zhuang-Gai Expressway, and promote projects of Dalian Metro, Dalianwan Cross-sea Transport, Bohai Road, Changshan Bridge, the Public Resources Exchange, the Intercity Railway of Jinzhou-Puwan, the South Cross-sea Passage, the New Airport, the water conveyance to Dalian from Dahuofang Reservoir and the water transfer project of Changhai County, strengthening the city functions and bearing capacities of these areas.

Accelerating key parks of counties and development of central towns. We will cultivate featured dominating industries and industrial clusters to push the county economy up to new stages. We will develop modern urban agriculture, step up agricultural technology and innovation, boost agricultural intensiveness, standardization and industrialization, develop 100,000 mu of facility agriculture and 30 designated size leading enterprises. We will promote the development of new communities, new villages and new farms, startup the engineering of “six key points” in 150 villages and the Program of Whole Village Poverty Alleviation in 43 low-income villages.

3.Promoting “Three Centers” and improving core function of the city

Optimizing the port layout of “two wings, three circles” and completing functions of the core port area of Dayaowan, speed up the key nodes of the international shipping center such as Taipingwan and Lizifang and the port cluster including Lüshun New Port, promote the integration of regional ports and explore the new ways for diverse investment and operation. We will startup some projects of the development of Dayaowan north coast and Changxing Islands terminals, complete the Shugang Highway in Dayaowan and the main part of the land reclamation project for the New Airport, and promote the expand of Changhai Airport. We will explore the way for the high-end port service system with the backup of Dalian Free Trade Zone and Dalian E-port.

Li Wancai:

Improving the planning for the international logistics center of Northeast Asia and establishing the international logistics network facing to hinterland of the northeast and Bohai Sea Circle and radiating to areas of Northeast Asia. We will fight for the victory of a battle to exceed container output to 10 million TEU in the crucial year of Dalian Port for its target, striving for an increase of 25%. We will boost the layout for inland dry ports and develop bonded logistics and the rail-sea combined transport demonstration project. We will give a push to the construction of some key logistics parks such as Dalian Airport International Logistics Park and Xianglujiao Logistics Park, shifting the goods collection & distribution center to a resource allocation center. We will improve environment for customs clearance.

Implementing the plan for a financial center, giving full play of the role of future market as a leader, supporting Dalian Commodity Exchange for its strategy of category, talent and internationalization, and building an important future center of Asia. We will promote the building and development of Renmin Road and Xinghai Bay as financial functional areas and improve its congregation of financial institutions. We will quicken the pace of financial reform & innovation, boost multi-level capital markets and equity investment industry, and improve rural finance and financial service system for SMEs, seeking for new moves of shipping finance, technology finance and green finance. We will increase loans and broaden multi-channels for financing, with loan increment and financing no less than 230 billion yuan.

4. Guaranteeing & improving people’s livelihood and promote development bears on people’s well-being

Stabilizing and increasing employment for 180,000 real-name employees into workforce. We will carry out the plans of graduate pool and the “three supports and one assistance", focusing on the employment of college graduates; We will work hard for the weak-in-employment groups like land-requisitioned farmers and middle-aged people. We will promote the creation of national entrepreneurship-oriented city to drive employment through creation of new businesses. We will develop occupational training to improve laborers’ employment skills. We will initiate the building of archive center for human resources and social security.

Improving the Social Old-age Insurance System for Urban and Rural Residents and age-care policies for land-requisitioned farmers and people of “farmers to citizens”, orderly initiate the program to get migrant workers into age-care insurance, quicken the pace of raising the social pooling to municipal level for institutions in unemployment, work-related injury and maternity insurance. We will raise the basic pension for enterprise retirees and social insurance of urban and rural residents, and deepen the “Golden Insurance Project”.

Formulating implementation plans to standard the income allocation system and to solve the problem of bigger regional gap of income. We will carry out the natural growth mechanism of the urban and rural minimum allowance, double the temporary assistance to low-income residents and classify the aid to people enjoying minimum allowance, improve the long-term charitable alleviation mechanism, strengthen guaranteeing service systems for the aged and the disabled and speed up the building of some key people benefiting projects such as nursing centers for the disabled and funeral parlors. We will try our best to stabilize prices, develop “vegetable basket” program and grant price subsidy when necessary.

Arranging 28,000 sets of public rental housing and carrying out the system for those who meet the requirements to be ensured access to low-rent housing; double the efforts to support the housing provident fund for the development of public rental housing, and accomplish the repair and regulation of 120,000 square meters of abandoned buildings.

Enhancing regional balanced development for compulsory education to get all the schools in 3 northern cities to reach the standards of the provincial Nine-year Compulsory Education with High Level and Quality. We will continue the Program of improving teachers’ professional competency to push the high school education toward the development of quality and characteristics. We will strengthen the safety of school bus, initiating trial-operation of rural primary and middle school buses and subsidize the program. We will build up and take back 20 public kindergartens and set up 50 generalized preferential private kindergartens, improving facilities and conditions of rural kindergartens. We will speed up the building of vocational education bases and resources integration, and set up vocational education groups in 3 areas such as equipment manufacturing. We will promote interaction and development between universities in Dalian and the city.

Accelerating the development of urban community and grass-root rural medical care institutions to enable people to see a doctor close to their homes and to solve the problem of reasonable use of medical resources. We will improve a target aid mechanism for large municipal hospitals and grass-rood medical care institutions to improve medical care services and technological level with multi-measures. We will promote the Children’s Hospital and the new Health Care Center. We will raised the minimum fund-raise standard of theNew Rural Cooperative Medical System up to 320 yuan and offer free pre-pregnancy health exams in agricultural areas. We will deepen the National Patriotic Health Campaign to promote the development of the health city.

5. Enhancing and innovating social management for harmony and stability of the society

Completing a social management grid with the leadership of the Party committee, responsibility of the government, coordination of the society and participation of the public, reinforce the law, system building and grass-root service, try the best to solve prominent problems impacting the harmony and stability of the society, maintain people’s rights and interests, promote social fairness and justice and retain a good social order. We will initiate a campaign for the Sixth Five-year Plan of Law Popularization to improve the level of governing a cityby law. We will take the enterprises’ integrity as a cut-in point to improve the establishment of the integrity system.

Deepening reform of neighborhood management, with a “Three-In-One” requirement of management, service and law enforcement, we will rationalize the management services and shift key points of the work toward social management and public services. We will develop two “new” organizations, give full play to the roles of various industry associations and chambers of commerce, classifying service management and supervision network.

Perfecting social mechanism of population to enhance floating population management. We must complete declaration and registration system for house leasing information and help floating population with their basic problems of employment, education, medical care and social security. We will develop dynamic adjustment mechanism for the rewarding and supporting policy forfamily planning.

Innovating “vehicles” in the work to enhance the ability to stabilize the society. With the Program of “Harmonious Community”, we will build community into an entity of social life with self-governing by law, orderly management, perfect services, civilization and harmony. We will inaugurate “Peaceful Dalian” Program, and complete a modern and stereo social security control system combining personnel protection with physical protection and technical protection. We will initiate the Program of “Maintain Stability” to perfect mechanisms for the voice of people’s remedies, interests’ coordination, contradiction mediation and rights & interests guarantee. We will launch the Program of “Public Opinion Persuasion” to make the public media such as the Internet into an important channel for spreading advanced culture, conveying social concerns and public opinions and dissolving social contradictions.

Improving systems of emergency control and mechanisms of joint action, developing an integration model for massive emergency rescue, getting ready of materials and equipment for emergencies and improving the ability to handle public safety dangers and emergencies. We will improve the supervision system for food safety, reinforce routine control and special regulations and build Dalian Green Food Industrial Park in Lüshun. We will be strict with the implementation of the principal responsibility system for safety in production, the supervision responsibility system of competent authority and the responsibility system of local government, reinforce the comprehensive supervision and prevention system for production safety, keep the checks and treatment of hidden dangers in key industries and areas such as hazardous chemicals, mines, construction projects, traffic and transportation, fishery and fire prevention, and seriously constrain any major accidents.

6.Boosting the great cultural development and prosperity, striving for a strong cultural city

Formulating implementation plans for the creation of a strong cultural city. We will give a top strategic priority to the cultural development in general work, innovate new concepts, push forward the institutional reform and promote simultaneous development of cultural programs and the cultural industry, enhancing the soft cultural strength of the city.

Improving the supply capacity of public cultural products and services through the creation of a national demonstration area for public cultural services. We will build a new Dalian Mass Art Center and improve functions of public libraries, art centers, museums and theaters; rebuild some historic cultural districts and streets such as Taiyanggou and the North Shengliqiao; establish 4 levels of public cultural service network, initiate programs of “Month of Reading” and “Dramas into Countryside” and the “2151” Rural Movies Program, enriching people’s cultural life at grassroot level. We will support Dalian Peking Opera Troupe to strive for a national first-class troupe, and Dalian Acrobatic Troupe for a large circus troupe, encouraging more circles like literature, drama, TV and movie making to offer better works.

Implementing the 12th Five-Year Plan for the cultural industry, focusing on 5 programs including the building of industrial bases, branding famous products, cultivating leading enterprises, gathering talent and creating environment for the industry, gaining the annual value-added growth of the cultural industry up to 20% and making it a pillar industry of Dalian. We will promote the development of the cultural industry cluster, develop some key projects like Dalian Cultural Industry Innovation Park, backup a great number of mainstay cultural enterprises, guiding and encouraging the social capital to participate in the major cultural industrial projects and the construction of the cultural industrial park in various forms.

Deepening the institutional reform of state-owned cultural units, restructuring those state-owned profit cultural units into private enterprises and promoting the institutional reform of the press and publication sector as well as non-profit cultural units. We will go all out to build a unified, opening-up, competitive and orderly modern cultural market system, innovate its management system and create a safe cultural market order. With a perfect police guarantee mechanism, we will increase financial input into cultural undertakings and strengthen the support to the cultural industry in land use, finance and taxation. We will also push forward overseas cultural exchanges and cooperation.

Going all out to do better predatory work for the 12th China National Games, step up the construction and surrounding regulation of the Dalian New Sports Town, the Sports Center of Puwan New Area, the Wafangdian Yachting and Windsurfing Training Base and Jinzhou Sport-ground for Canoe / Kayak Slalom, and strengthen the talent training, improving the level of competitive sports. We will support Dalian football teams to make greater progress.

7. Deepening the reform and opening-up, boosting innovative development

Adhering to the reform of new areas, rationalizing systems and mechanisms, and promoting in-depth fusion of functional areas and administrative areas. We will deepen the piloting of municipal-level comprehensive coordinative reforms, transfer more routine powers to lower levels and give them more support with policies, enhancing the institutional advantages and leading role of pilot areas. With optimized structure of public financial expenditure, we will guarantee the capital demand mainly to those projects under construction or in follow-up construction, social programs of people’s livelihood and infrastructure for macro-urbanization.

Deepening the reform of state-owned enterprises and improving the corporate governance structure. We will enhance the assets regroup and capital operation of state-owned enterprises, give support to the listing of state-owned enterprises and their domestic or overseas acquisitions, improve their direct financing ability, establish a state-owned enterprise financing system with Dalian Equipment Manufacturing Investment Co. Ltd. as a leader, and give a push to the Dalian Thermoelectricity Group listing as a whole. We will support the reform of non-profit state-owned enterprises. We will conduct post setting management in institutions and perfect the employment mechanism based on the contract management.

Promoting rural reform, improving the circulation mechanism of rural land contract operation, develop multi-ways of appropriate scale of operation of rural land and promote innovation of agricultural production management. We will quicken the pace of municipal- and town-level service centers for the circulation of forest contract operation; promote the pothook of city construction land increase and rural residential land decrease for the land saving and intensive use.

Increasing the use of foreign investment and inviting more projects of major industrial estate, tourist estate, commercial estate, advanced manufacturing, strategic emerging industries and modern industry. We will innovate the use of foreign investment, increase the overseas listing, issue bonds, invest in international funds, invite world renowned enterprises to set up their R & D centers, headquarters, production bases, procurement centers and service outsourcing bases in Dalian, and encourage foreign investors to increase capital and expand shares. We will focus on the invitation of advanced technology, management concepts and high-end talent, running better Business-Initiation Week for Chinese Overseas Studentsand the Entrepreneurship Engineering. We will quicken the pace of “going out”, and support competitive enterprises to increase their overseas investment and undertake overseas projects in various forms.

Strengthening domestic investment recruitment. With the Yangtze River Delta and the Pearl River Delta as main targets, we will give full play the main body role of the counties, key parks and enterprises, broaden collaborative fields, improve levels of exchanges and cooperation and reach the growth of domestic investment to 20%.

Improving service systems, policies and measures for the spatial development of private economy. We will initiate an action for SMEs’ financing, through various financing tools such as credit, insurance, funds, equity investment and the seeking for financing by listing on the stock market, effectively guiding the financial capital and social capital to invest in SMEs. We will, by giving the same treatment to all, focus on the strengthening and improvement of our policy support and management services to SMEs in land use, project establishment, supervision, product sales and market exploration, promoting their innovation, transformation and development and shaping a good grid for the competitive development of “specialty, exquisite, featuring and novelty”.

8. Speeding up Green Dalian and creating again new advantages for a livable city

Reinforcing the achievements of the creation of a forest city. We will continue the 10eco-green mountain projects such as forest villages, wetland parks, eco-rivers and protective coastal forest. The whole society will input another 10 billion yuan for 900,000 mu of forestation and 200 million trees, improving afforestation quality with the green coverage rate of 45.2 %; speed up renovation of parks and garden spaces, improving greening quality in main roads and key areas.

Conducting comprehensive regulation on city traffic, trying hard to solve traffic congestion and parking difficulties. We will give a priority to the public traffic and create a safe, convenient and comfortable traffic environment; accelerate the “7 vertical and 7 horizontal” express network and startup the rebuilding of Chuanling Road and Zhonghua Road; continue with the urban construction project of “5 ones and 3 firsts”, carefully repair roads of city areas and build 300 km of rural roads.

Improving the long-term urban management level. We will push forward the digital urban management and speed up the “intelligent city”; with the policy of laying equal stress on construction and management, we will continue the comprehensive environmental sanitation, advocate civilized constructions, control leakage of sand dust, keep a clean and tidy appearance of construction sites and surrounding areas; continue with environment sanitary treatment in streets and lanes and in old residential areas; reinforce management of dog raising and advertising in city areas. We will speed up the development of urban facilities for sewage treatment and promote the piloting of water modernization.

Enhancing energy efficiency, improving systems for energy auditing, energy efficiency benchmarking and energy consumption quota of industrial enterprises, strengthening management of energy efficiency, supervision and services; make active use of new energy, eliminate outdated production capacity, keeping the energy consumption per 10000 yuan of GDP under 3.8%. We will speed up major projects of main pollutant emission control, push forward online monitoring system for key chemical parks, and launch the monitoring system for PM2.5 and Ozone in city areas. We will try our best to protect marine environment.

Developing cycling economy. We will step up the eco-agricultural network andthecycling economic industrial system, focus on the remanufacturing industry, eco-tourism, green food & accommodation and cycling logistics, and speeding up the integration and layout of the waste reuse and recycling industry.

We will continue to do better work in various fields such as ethnics, religion, foreign affairs, overseas Chinese affairs, works related to Taiwan, civil air defense, meteorology, earthquake disaster reduction, archives, mutual support and joint construction, militia and the reserve forces.

Fellow Deputies,

Facing the complex situation and arduous tasks, governments at all levels and all the civil servants must strengthen their self-building and improve their ability and level to tackle complex situation and to promote strategic development.

We must bravely confront with difficulties, undertake everything with enthusiasm for development and firm confidence for victory; we must, with upright spirit, innovative measures and pragmatic work style, dissolve all kinds of difficulties and risks, implement all the tasks, strive for a new situation for revitalization and development, promoting a fast yet steady economic and social development.

We must adhere to administration by law, improve the level of decision-making by law and strategic and democratic decision-making, be conscientiously subjected to legal and work oversight by the Dalian NPCand to the democratic oversight of the Dalian CPPCC; be strict with NPC motions and suggestions as well as CPPCC proposals, and standardize procedures for decision-making, building a law-based government.

We must spare no efforts to improve soft environment, through the “Year of Soft Environment Improvement”, correct prominent problems affecting economic and social development such as to "eat, take, block, request", making a good environment of “stabilizing enterprises and protecting commercial context”; we must develop “5 circles”, reinforce economic responsibility audit on major special funds and leading carders, tackle existing issues in the areas prone to take place corruption, and improve administrative services.

We must step up the transformation of governmental functions and enhance administration innovation and public services; standardize procedures for administration approval and push forward online examination and approval; promote the width and the in-depth of government affairs openness, and information sharing of e-government as well, strengthening management of organs quality and raising administration-efficacy.

We must pragmatically change our work style, adhere to work out pragmatic plans, do pragmatic work and strive for pragmatic efficiency; we must focus on the work with full energy, concentrate on the development by using true skills and gain achievements through all our strong ability; we must work hard and take immediate actions for first-class results.

Fellow Deputies,

Looking ahead, we are full of passion, confidence and determination. Let us closely unite around the Party Central Committee with Comrade Hu Jintao as General Secretary, under the leadership of the CPC Dalian Municipal Committee, upright the spirit, forge ahead and do down-to-earth work, trying our best to fulfill all the tasks set by this government and looking forward to the 18th CPCNational Congress with remarkable achievements!

(Editor:Grace) (From:DALIAN GOVERNMENT)
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