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The long-term strategy
BY 2008-03-06 07:53:25

The "Five Points Along One Line" strategy, which was initiated in early 2005 and designed to take advantage of Liaoning's abundant coastal resources and manufacturing industries, will power the province's sustained growth.

The "Five Points" refers to five key coastal investment destinations in the province, including the Changxing Island Harbor Industrial Zone in Dalian, the Yingkou Coastal Industrial Base (including the Panjin Shipbuilding Industrial Base), the Liaoxi Jinzhou Bay Coastal Economic Zone (including the Jinzhou Xihai Industrial Zone and Huludao Northern Port Industrial Zone), the Dandong Industrial Park and the Huayuankou Industrial Park in Dalian.

The "One Line", running from Dandong to Suizhong in Huludao, refers to a 1,430 km artery road along the coastal economic belt, linking the key investment destinations.

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