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Industrial park goes green
BY 2008-03-06 08:00:59

Located in the south of the Liaodong peninsula and the north bank of the Yellow Sea, the Dalian Huayuankou Industrial Park covers a total planned area of 60 sq km. Initiated in 2004, it was listed as one of the five key coastal development areas to be encouraged in Liaoning province.

At present, the first phase has been completed, covering an area of 15-sq-km . The construction of "six supplies and one leveling" including roads, water pipes, drainage system, communications, power lines, cable TV and land readjustment, has also been completed. The park has attracted 38 projects with total investment of 14.7 billion yuan.

Good location


As one of the "five key development areas" in the costal cities to be further opened to the outside world in Liaoning province, the park is close to South Korea and Japan - 270 nautical miles from Inchon Port of South Korea and 560 nautical miles from Nagasaki of Japan, on the sea.

On its west, it is 80 km from the Dalian Economic and Technological Development Zone, 90 km from Dalian Dayaowan Harbor, and 110 km from Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport.

To the east, it is 30 km from Zhuanghe city and Zhuanghe Port and 160 km from Dandong, a costal city of Liaoning province. Shenyang, the provincial capital, is 330 km away to the park's north.

The Dandong-Dalian expressway passes through the north of the park; the 201 national highway, the eastern passage of the railway in Northeast China and Binhai Road of Liaoning province all run through the park.

Environment friendly

Facing the Yellow Sea to the south and surrounded by hills on three sides, the park is picture perfect. Like a jade wound around a waist, two main rivers wind through it, making it well-suited for investment.

Rich in the tourism resources of North China, the park is surrounded by beautiful scenery, including the national geo-park - the four-A level Bingyu Tourism Resort, the national maritime forest park - Haiwang Jiudao tourism resort, and the famous Buyunshan Hot Spring Resort.

Scientific development

The Dalian Huayuankou Industrial Park is committed to follow the path of sustainable development and has been helped in this by the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of Chinese Academy of Sciences.

In 2007, the Dalian Urban Planning Bureau, in cooperation with Tsinghua University and the Institute of Geographic Sciences and Natural Resources Research of CAS, began to draw up the general outline for the park, which has since been approved.

This outline emphasizes the following aspects: differentiated development, sustainable development, urbanization, regional integration and opening up.

The park expects to develop into a pilot area for revitalizing the Northeast China old industrial bases, and be a model of the cycle economy and of a modern innovative industrial city.

The main industry focus is automobiles and parts, new materials, machinery and electronics, biological food processing and furniture manufacturing.

Policies and targets


Investors' need for financial services, entertainment and daily needs will be met by neighboring Zhuanghe and Dalian city. Businesses established in the park will enjoy all-round service.

Investors can also avail of the preferential policies for developing key coastal areas, made by the Liaoning provincial people's government and the Dalian municipal people's government .

By the end of the 11th Five-Year Plan (2006-10), the park will cover 26 sq km and realize annual output value of 20 billion yuan with added value of 5 billion yuan and revenue of 2.1 billion yuan, providing jobs to 60,000 people.

By 2020, the park will cover 50 sq km and realize annual output value of 70 billion yuan with added value of 18 billion yuan and revenue of 7.5 billion yuan, providing jobs to 120,000 people.

(Editor:) (From:China Daily)
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