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World Economic Forum Annual Meeting of the New Champions in Dalian
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From Davos to Dalian: Annual Meeting of the New Champions

Dalian, China 6-8 September 2007

In partnership with the Government of the People’s Republic of China

The inaugural Annual Meeting of the New Champions will bring together a new and exciting generation of companies and leaders who are changing the global economic landscape. These New Champions have the vision to expand more rapidly than ever before, yielding dynamic new business opportunities, improving infrastructure and generating employment around the world.

While these companies have not yet reached the size and international reputation of global companies, they nevertheless have succeeded in gaining a global reach and competitive advantage through speed, flexibility and constant innovation. To remain competitive in this environment, current and future leaders need to be able to identify where in the market this fast growth is taking place, evaluate those business models that are proving the most effective and establish new relationships for growth.

The meeting will bring together established and newer players in a dynamic Davos-like environment to address the fundamental shifts taking place in competitiveness and innovation. Participating will be CEOs of the world’s most influential companies, political leaders, members of the Forum’s Community of Young Global Leaders, Technology Pioneers, new providers of finance, those driving the evolution of the Web 2.0 world, as well as top executives from Global Growth Companies.

The programme is designed to provide a unique combination of the insight to understand the challenges, the foresight of experts and the experience of today’s industry leaders enabling businesses to compete in the global marketplace.

1. The Shifting Global Business Environment
Emerging economic centres are redefining the power equation. A range of topics will be covered including Strategies of the Fastest Growing Economies; The Future of Intraregional Trade Flows; and Shift Happens – Capitalizing on Changing Demographics.

2. The DNA of the New Champions CEO
In an ever more complex and interconnected world, CEOs must exhibit an expanded portfolio of both analytical and soft skills. Some of the key topics: Getting the Most from Your Board of Directors; Who Controls the Corporate Image – You, the Media or the Customer; Gaining, Training and Retaining.

3. New Tools and Models to Compete
In-depth analysis on ideas and strategies to use to harness the next generation of technologies for the ever more demanding consumer, from the Wiki-strategy to mass customization, techniques to outsource creativity and the convergence of IT, telecom and media.

Disruptive Workshop Series: These workshop style discussions with leading global businesses and the New Champions will focus on disruptive technologies, business models and operating elements that are setting the new rules of the game.

4. Going Global – Make It Happen
The opportunities transpiring through global financing, instant communication, rapidly scaleable technologies and integrated logistical networks which are offering unprecedented challenges and a shift in power.

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