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Dalian Huayuankou Industrial Park
BY 2006-05-09 07:26:20

Park profile: Dalian Huayuankou Industrial Park is located west of Zhuanghe City, 36 km away from downtown, 39 km to Zhuanghe Port, 80 km to Dalian ETDZ, near Dalian-Dandong Expressway, 201 National Highway and Eastern railway of Northeast China. It occupies a total area of 25 km2, including 15 km2 for the first phase of construction which is wholly State-owned land stock.

Supporting facilities: "Six Supplying and One Leveling" (road, electric power, water supply, drainage, communication, heat supply and land leveling) and landscape engineering have been completed in a 15 km2 area of the Park, and its environmental impact has passed experts' assessment. For industrial purpose, the upper land costs RMB45/m2, and that to be developed as a central business quarter costs RMB100/m2. Water costs RMB2 /m3.

Industrial orientation: Manufacturing, electronic information, new-type material, refined chemical engineering, tailoring, etc.

Investment climate: The first advantage is the State-owned land stock for industrial purpose, not limited to strict national land policies. The second one is its location. It's only 80 km away from the major city zone of Dalian, within one hour ride from the economic circle of Dalian. Transportation is very convenient there, and national Heda Highway passes through the north of the Park. It's 3.6 km away from the Mingyang Entrance to Dalian-Dandong Expressway. Its distance to the Expressway is only 700 m and 294 m away from Chengzhuang Railway. Now, there are plans to build an access railroad in the Park.

Dalian Zhuanghe City Huayuankou Construction Service Centre

Add: Mingyang Town, Zhuanghe, Dalian

Contact: Ju Chuanxin

Tel: 86-411-8947 3238

Fax: 86-411-8947 3238

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