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Dalian Hi-tech Industry Zone Ganjingzi Subsidiary
BY 2004-04-16 09:58:50

Dalian Hi-tech Industry Zone Ganjingzi Subsidiary.gifDalian Hi-tech Industry Zone Ganjingzi Subsidiary ia located at Yingchengzi Town, Ganjingzi District, west part of Dalian. The zone, covering a land area of 3.83km2, has great developing potential.

★ Brief introduction

Dalian Hi-tech Industry Zone Ganjingzi Subsidiary, former Dalian Yingchengzi Industry Zone, established in 1998 ratified by Dalian People Government, is one of key economy development zones in Dalian. It is a multi-functional new industry zone of export-oriented, hi-tech, low energy consumption and unpolluted. The Zone was awarded the title of Advanced Unit in Dalian in 1999, and granted awarded of National Township Enterprises Demonstration Area by Ministry Of Agriculture PRC in 2000. In May 2001, it is permitted to rename as Dalian Hi-tech Industry Ganjingzi Subsidiary by Dalian People Government.

The Zone is situated at wonderful location neighboring wiht Yingchengzi Bay, and can be easily accessible by all means of transportation.

The zone is divided into four parts:hi-tech industry division, mechanical & electrical products processing division, light industry products processing division and suburban products processing division.
There has been 55 enterprises settled in the zone, most of them are foreign-invested enterprises, the other are private-owned or collective-owned enterprises. A hi-tech and export-oriented industrial development base has been set up.

★ Wonderful investment environment

The zone is surrounded by beautiful and historical scenery. The average temperature is 10.6℃ around a year. There is no extremely cold or hot weather, mild climate and moderate rainfall with spectacular Dalian Golden Dragon Temple Forest Park to its south, clear Shuangshi Bay Seaside Resort to its north, Yingchengzi Custom & Culture Village and Han Dynasty Fresco Tomb to its east and Daheishi Tourism Holiday Resort to its west. The hi-tech industry zone is also an ideal resort for summer vacation, recuperation, traveling, and sightseeing.

A 66kV substation assures the power supply within the Zone;the capacity of program-controlled telephones building is 60000 and can meet the requirement of telephone installation, and ISDN is available for usage; 6.6 million m3 capacity reservoir supply water to the zone. The roadway network is constructed in accordance with the standard. The afforesting rate is more than 40%. Wonderful infrastructural facilities offer a wonderful environment to investors for business and living.

Dalian Hi-tech Industry Zone Ganjingzi Subsidiary is your ideal choice for investment. Keep credit and Mutual benefit is our service principle, sincere co-operation relations and successful development is our good hope. Warmly welcome you to Dalian Hi-tech Industry Zone Ganjingzi Subsidiary.

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