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The Affiliate Middle School of Liaoning Normal University
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辽师大附中.gifThe Affiliate Middle School of Liaoning Normal University (AMSLNNU) is established in 1952. The school once was called as Dalian No.10 Secondary school, the Affiliate Middle School of Dalian Normal College, the Affiliate Middle School of Liaoning Normal College,Dalian No.46 Middle School during the Cultural Revolution. From 1983, the school was formally called AMSLNNU. The school has been listed as the key middle school since 1963. The current president and the general secretary respectively are Qu Xinglie and Liu Hua.

The school is located at Dalian Xinghai Bay and the foot of Erjian Hill,standing among high-tech garden and many universities,having beautiful natural environment and rich cultural atmosphere. The shool yard covers 45,000 sq meters area, 30,000 sq meters of that are building area. There are two teaching buildings and one laboratory building, two well-equiped language labs, two computer labs, two versatile classrooms, gymnesium, swimming stadium, modern plastic cement playground in the school, and all above make the school a special scenery in Heishijiao area and provide students good environment to study and promote activity.

AHSLNNU has a group of high-quality educational staff, in which five are teachers of special classifications. Mr.Shen Zhengzhi, as the National "WuYi" Labor Medalist, the member of National People's Congress, famous chemical teacher of special classifications, and Mr. Shi Zhiyuan, as the National Outstanding Educator and math teacher of special classfications are all wellknown in inside and outside of the Liaoning Province.

Now there are 175 teaching staff in the school, in which 52 senior teachers,43 graduates,1 scholar once studied in Japan. The teachers here are hardworking and eager to explore new teaching methods. Since 90s, the teachers have edited over a hundred books, and published over 800 awarded papers on the publications of state, province, city and different academical organizations.

There are 43 classes (30 classes in senior middle school and 13 in junior middle school),over 2500 students in our school. Since the Examination for Entry University restored in 1977,we have sent 13 students the best in the province and the city to universities, for that we are the number one in the key middle schools in Dalian. The rate of entrance of universities and colleges has long been above 90%. Since establishment of the school, there are 6781 students finished courses in junior middle school and 13109 students finished courses in senior middle school. The school pay much attention on socialised quality development of the students as well as different characteristic development, and the outstanding achievements have been gained in the contests of curriculum and sporting, and artistic performances which shows the obvious improvement of students' qualities. The students in our school won the champions of the National Five Provinces Knowledge Contest held by Beijing TV in 1997, 1998, 1999.

The Major Scientific.gifThe school emphasize the efficiency of the moral education. The school always hold a ceremony of rising flag on every Monday with schemed and serial speech full of era characteristics in both Chinese and English, providing an atmosphere of learning English and enhancing the comprehensive quality of the students. On the ceremony, the students of the national flag class dress in military units with national flag in hands goose-stepping ahead, all make the ceremony much more solemn. The social activities have been settled down in the school as a rule.

First grade senior students have one week military trainings in the camp, second grade senior students have one week study after farmers at the countryside, third grade senior students have practising activities in factories and the society.

The school has build nine social pratising bases of learning industry, agriculture, military and science to create suitable conditions for students to know and join the society. The school is the only one of international environmental education cooperative program schools--GLOBE School in Dalian.

GLOBE School.gif The member students of GLOBE study group take down indexes of the temperature and rain fall at where the school is, and exchange thoughts with middle school students in the world via internet. "Xinghaishi", the students' magazine, edited by the students under the instruction of the teachers, is a popular publication among the students for it is close to the life of the students. At the end of 1999,the school held a concert named "To Be The Master In The New Century" which left strong effect in the community.

To promote comprehensive quality education, the school emphasize four kinds ideas during educating, that is, "elect the best","utilize every single minutes", "culture the brilliant", "value the factors apart from intellect". The students have a sound development physically and mentally via over ten practice courses and elective courses a term which form the special feature of our school.

The school invite former red soldier, the scientist, the entrepreneur, senior officer in the army, the farm director, artists as our honorary headmaster and after-school activities counsellor to enlarge the education range. During the Ninth Five-year-plan, Mr. Qu Xinglie, the president, lead the scientific researching group to study "Survey Of the Quality Of Teachers In Middle and Elementary School with the Quality Objective System" which is the subtitle of "Study on Enhancing the Comprehensive Quality of the Teachers in Middle and Elementary School" ---the key question of the Education Ministry of the State; the school was awarded as the second winner. "Survey of Computer Education in General Middle School and Its Future" directed by the president assistant, Mr.Liu Shibin, and "The Balance of the Mental Health of Middle School Students" directed by the head of the teaching an research section, Mr.Shi Yun, have great influence in the whole province.

As the information society is coming, the school constantly improve the modern teaching capability and enhance teachers quality for imformation to meet the need of the future society. The school also lay down "Computer Training and Check-up Plan for the Teachers in AMSLNNU" dividing the computer level of the teachers into four class and providing relative awards to the outstanding. Now, 86% of the teaching staff master the basic software and hardware knowledge of computer,and can finish general operation and use Word process, etc. 50% can make the teaching program. Over a hundred computers have connected with internet after the school made a contract with Dalian Telecom on DDN. Since June of 2000,there are much more students enroll their names in the computer lab. In 98, the school is the first one establishing a distance education website in the area of Dalian city, and have so many visitors.

The development of the school has been cared and instructed by senior officers at different level for many years, and many officers and specialists visited and wrote inscriptions for our school such as Mr.Yang Xiufeng, Mr.Liu Bin, Mr.Zhang Zhiyuan, Mr.Lu Hongde, Mr.Liu Guozheng, Mr.Bo Xilai, etc. The school has establish National Affiliate Middle School of University Association with seven other schools such as the Affiliate Middle School of Fujian Normal University, the Affiliate Middle School of Hunan Normal University.

Seven Schools Teaching Association, formed by our school and other schools in Harbin, Changchun, Daqing, take part in National Famous Middle School Education Research Committee, having clost contact with over a hundred key schools in the countries. Since 80s,the school has recepted delegations of universities and middle schools in Japan, America, British, Russia, Australia, Swiss, Malaysia, etc.for many times.

The school have been awarded many honorable titles such as the Advanced Unit of the Audio-visual Education Program in Liaoning province, the Advanced Unit of Educational Research in Liaoning province during The Ninth Five-year-plan, the Advanced Unit in Dalian city.Mr.Bo Xilai once wrote the inscription for the school:“To be the master in the new century” that will be the motivator for the teachers and students in the school to make progress constantly and create a good image of the first-rank key school in the 21st century.
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