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Football City--Dalian
BY 2004-03-23 16:44:26
In China, the sport industry has become an ever-increasing prospect for with enormous number of fans and a very bright future. Among the many kinds of sports programs, football has been the number one choice for sports fans in China.

The City 0f Dalian has been a hotbed for China’s football development. As the football milestone, Dalian Shide Football Club has been the best recognized football club in China as it is known to have the most talented players, the most efficient management and the most sophisticated facilities in the country. Shide Group has made great efforts to restructure the Club by creating a remarkable combination of business, enterprise and culture.

Dalian Shide Football has become an exemplary model of a modern sports clubs while attracting widespread attention in households around the country.

Dalian Shide Football Team has been champion of the Division AA in the Chinese Football Association six times during the eight-year history of China’s professional football development.

For example, five players from Shide were selected as the members of the Dragon Team 2001, the highest honors for the professional football players. Also, this club has enjoyed a very high international reputation and has been one of the best clubs in Asia.  

Dalian is a birthplace for Chinese football talents such as Hao Haidong, Sun Jihai, Anqi, Li Ming, Dong Fangzuo, Zhan Enhua etc.

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