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Zhongshan District
BY 2004-03-19 15:46:01

Zhongshan District sits on the southeast of Dalian, with total area of 43.85 square kilometers and population of 380,000. The district centers on politics, business & commerce, finance, communication, tourism, and culture all in one.

The economic development for Zhongshan District in the 21st century is to base on service industry and to develop service intelligence industry. Zhongshan plans to provide a neat service facility in the way of building up intelligence industry revised by one belt, one trade, two platforms, and three areas.

One belt that is from Jiefang Road, passing Tiger Beach Park to the end of Beach Road right at The Sea Rhyme Square and thus forms a beach forest tourism ecornomy belt.

Based on the beach forest tourism economy belt, in the downtown center, greatly expand city tourism and shopping tourism, So as to unify business & commerce and shopping. Several large-scale entertainment facilities under the intelligent control are to be built as planed.

Zhongshan schedules to fully utilize the sea tourism resources to form a united tourism developing zone in the east of the district, covering the sea and the Land.

One Trade, that is trading. It is very important to develop oil, goods, live seafood transportation, transportation agency, whole sale trade and managing three groups of ocean-going vessels.

Make a full use of tall building for tall building project, carry out management exchange, aiming for top five hundred both worldwide and domestic, opening chain supermarket, inviting famous companies to home big companies in big buildings from all over the world, and setting up wholesale market with big total sale in a limited room.

Two platforms, that is to open home based enterprises and regional information service platforms.

Explore home based enterprises cooperation enter, lead small enterprises with name brand, develop small home based enterprises for big industry open business for people without unnecessary labor.

Organize regional information service platform, which is based on municipal information center, postal center, accomplished business building, citizen cable service, and district information service company. Take use of internet resource, explore information application engineering to make a comprehensive communicable system between business and customers, and thus form a platform for the whole world.

Three districts, which are the intelligence business center in Zhongshan Square and Renmin Road, the cultural industry starting from Youhao Square to Kunming Street and business center at Station Front Electronic City. The intelligence cultural industry aims to fully use the advantage of downtown center to establish big cultural house.

Establish union for newspaper and greatly develop sports industry for health, Besides the Shanghai Road Electronic Street, Station Front Electronic City and Victory Plaza Electronic Communication and Computer Market, a software developing and exchanging market is on the way.


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