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Shanhekou District
BY 2004-03-19 15:44:07

Being to Dalian City west, washed by the Yellow Sea and backing on to a mountain, Shahekou District with 46.5 square kilometer administering area and 600,000 population, is and important industry region, a developed scientific research and culture education region and a flourishing place for tourism and spending holiday.

Situated on the joint between city and suburb, Shahekou District has the unique geographical superiority, violent growing of population with transferring of city center to the west and the vast developable land resource make a golden opportunity of developing real estate, commerce, amusement, culture and education.

Shahekou District is becoming a new commercial and financial center and will be the last zone in Dalian that can be developed on a large scale.

Overall plan for investment in Shahekou District:

Establishing one commercial and financial street, one life service belt, three commercial plaza and three special zones, developing commercial and financial industry, pushing on tourism, renewing city industry and improving environment, making Shahekou District a graceful residential quarter, busy commercial section, famous tourism region and international high-tech scientific and education zone.

One commercial and financial street:

XiAn Road. One commercial and financial street from Shahekou Rail Station to Jiefang Square will come into being and will be new commercial center in the west of Dalian after rebuilding Minyong Market, carrying forward Huanghe Mansion, taking Dalian Middle schools No.8 and No.48 away and building new plaza based on existing commercial complex, mainly introducing domestic and foreign great commercial, banking and insurance organizations.

One life service belt:

Xinghai Bay Belt. A multifunction complementary life service zone for exhibition and international conferences. Main investment projects are hotels, restaurants, entertainment projects.

Three commercial plaza:

Peace Commercial Plaza, Youma supermarket, May First Commercial Square.

Peace Commercial Plaza:

the top grade commercial, restaurant and entertainment center. Main investment projects are restaurants, entertainment, culture, gymnasium and commerce.

Youma supermarket:

A large-scale storehouse supermarket serving Dalian and connecting north-east Region will built in Dalian Refractory Factory.

May First Commercial Square:

the Great World Commercial Zone. Main investment projects are large-scale markets, restaurants, entertainment.

Three special zones:

Jinshatan tourism and holiday zone, Nansha new resident zone, Heishijiao high science technology research and education zone.

Jinshatan tourism and holiday zone:

the significant sightseeing spot in the north of Dalian including fishing, swimming, sightseeing trip by ship and underwater sports. Holiday villa will be built. Main investment project is tourism.

Nansha new resident zone: various grade resident and commercial buildings, garden resident zone will be built there to meet population increase. Main investment project is real estate.

Heishijiao high science technology research and education zone: mainly introducing foreign enterprisers to establish joit venture research and development institutes, joint venture universities and hospitals backing domestic research institutes and universities.

An international high science technology research and education zone will appear.

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