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Xigang District
BY 2004-03-19 15:42:43

Located at the center of Dalian,Xigang District enjoys a very favorable location. It faces the sea to south and north. In its center locates the Standing Committee of Municipal People' Congress and the Municipal People's Government.

The District covers an area of 26.1square kilometers and has a population of 341 thousand.

The District has powerful economic strength and has been ranked among the national"top 50 districts". Xigang District has a fairly good foundation for opening to the outside world. So far, near 20 countries and regions have invested and established 378 enterprises in Xigang District,including the U.S., the U.K.,Japan, South Korea and Chinese Hong Kong, etc., the total investment value is US$ 1200 million.

Xigang District has established economic, technological and cultural relationship with Yusong District of Taejon in South Korea, lida of Nagano and Itabaashi District of Tokyo in Japan, and also established friendly relationship with Arcadia city,California of America and north Vancouver city,Base Province Canada.

The economic and trade representative agencies have been set up in U.S.A, Japan, Malaysia, Canada and Australia.

The District has a beautiful surrounding and a favorable investment environment, The greening coverage of the whole district has reached near 40%. Making the parks and gardens green, urban management and environmental sanitation has been in a leading position in China.

The District enjoys convenient and perfect facilities of communications, power, water supply, heat supply,traffic and hotel. Its laws and regulations concerning foreign are affairs perfect. Its social order is good, and the citizens are enjoying their lives.

As one of the central districts in Dalian, Xigang District has become a hot area for domestic and overseas investors to invest in Dalian, playing an important role in the reform and opening layout of Dalian.

Overall plan for inviting foreign investment in Xigang District: Establishing "three zones and one belt", developing commercial industry, tourism, real-estate industry, community service, culture and sports industry, improving the grade and level of the tertiary industry.

Three Zones:

----Wal-Mart Shopping Center being the axis, pushing on Underground Shopping Center in Dalian Stadium, Dalian electronic supermarket, introducing world famous commercial chain companies, sports and leisure companies,business consulting companies and cultural exchange institutions , building a national famous sports, leisure and commercial zone in the center of Xigang.

----Korean Clothing city being the center, pushing on the square to the north of Dalian Railway Station, Russian Street to the north of Shengli Bridge, building a modern tourism and commercial zone in the eastern part of Xigang.

----Metro Xigang C&C Shopping Center being the core, connecting the around and forming a "market group" covering an area of 100thousand m2, introducing world famous commercial chain companies,building a modern commercial and trade zone in the northern of Xigang.

One Belt:
Silver Beach Horizon Square being the center, connecting Yannian Sea Swimming Pool, Oumeiya Entertainment Palace and Dalian Forest Zoo, building a modern leisure and Vacation Belt.
The aim of inviting foreign investment is to turn the District into an international and modern one which is prosperous, civilized and beautiful.

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