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Ganjingzi District
BY 2004-03-19 15:41:49

The Ganjingzi District of Dalian City,being situated at the southern end of the Liaodong Peninsula of China, faces the Yellow Sea in the east, borders on the Bohai Sea in the west and thus embraces the Dalian's urban districts. Its coast line is as long as 152.6km and its land area amounts to 502km2. It's total population is 500,000.

Since the reform and open to outer world policy has been put into execution, the economy of this District has developed rapidly in the past 20 years. Now a more rational layout of industry and an overall program for future development have taken shape already. Both of them may be summarized concretely in following words: 1 Ring, 2 Belts, 3 Points, 4 Areas, 5 Streets, 6 Markets, 8 Squares, 9 Gardens and 10 Products.

    1 Ring, a green outer ring of city for Dalian will be built up;
    2 Belts, 2 touring economic belts along the Southern and Northern Roads of Lu-shun will be developed and built up;
    3 Points, Quanshui Residential Quarters, Jinxiu National Well-to-do Exemplary Living Quarters (2nd stage) and Paoai National Well-to-do Exemplary Living Quarters will be built up;
    4 Areas, Urban Agricultural Area, Yingchengzi Industrial Quarters, Beihai Economic Quarters and Xinzhaizi Civil Economic Quarters will be built up and strengthened;
    5 Streets, Ganxin New Commercial Street,Commercial City & Garden Walking Street, Hongqi Eastern Road Commercial Street, Touring ,Culture and Art work Street and Yingchengzi Restaurant Street will be built up;
    6 Markets, Dalian International Brand Automobile Exhibition Center, Dalian Apollo Fresh Aquatic Products Wholesale Market, Gezhenpu Productive Material Trading Market, Dalian Stone Material Trading Market, Dalian Favorite Animal Trading Market and Ganjingzi District Labor Force(Brain)Market will be built up;
    7 Cities, World Famous Brand Shoes City, Shide Chemical Building Material City, Huanan International Commercial City, Hongfu Commercial City, Yifeng Furniture City and Hongling University City will be built up;
    8 Squares, Donghua Square, Golden Triangle Square,Wangjia Bridge Central Square, Dalian Bay Central Square, Gezhenpu Central Square, Xinyuan Square, Yingchengzi Square and Wanjia Square will be built up;
    9 Gardens, Jinlongsi Forest Park, Dalian Software Garden, Beijing University Science & Technology Garden, Daheishi Education Garden, Gezhenpu Environmental Protection Industial Garden, Huanan Urban Industrial Garden, Dongdu Paradise, Beishan Park and Xiajiahe Seaside Park Will be built up;
    10 Products, biological fire extinguisher L119,Zhenbang brand fluoride paint, Guanghui brand polyacrylamide with ultrahigh molecular weight, new internet network, Green Snow brand biochemical products, Green source brand 2 types of fuels changeover device for LPG automobiles, 5A brand steel core aluminium stranded cable with high electroconductivity, Six-Nine brand corrosion-proof pump,lingjing brand "Qundaicai"(Unbaria pinnatifida a kind of edible seaweed) and Chuming brand food will be developed highly to increaes their market share.

The prospects of development for the Ganjingzi District will be more and more bright in the new century full of hope. We, the 500,000 people of this District express here wholeheartedly our greetings to all friends of various circles from home and abroad. You are welcome to invest and do business here in Ganjingzi. Let us create a splendid and bright future together.

(Editor:) (From:Dalian-gov.net)
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