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Lushun District
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1. The General program of Lushun Economic Development Zone.

Lushun Economic Development Zone occupies an area of 12.9 km2, which is 9km away from Lushunkou Administration District. Based on the Lushun New port, the nine large-scaled function areas whose infrastructures are perfect have been under program.

In recent period, the Xiyanghong project, the Foreign Student Creation Garden Area and the Furxin Color Steel Plate Industry Project are to be under construction, whose areas are 3km2, 0.48km2 and 60,000m2 respectively.

2. The Program of Lushun South Highway Economic Belt.

The width of South Highway reaches 23.5m after its reconstruction. The highway , with the convenient communication, advantageous position and rich resources , is encircled by the hills and sea.

The 7 large-scaled function areas are programmed to be constructed, which are the seafood agriculture and processing area, the superb agriculture area, the high-tech industry area the seaside-touring holiday area, the ecological agriculture sightseeing area, the villa area and the complex services area.

3. Lushun North Highway is the national first-grade highway, with 18 meters in its width. The Economic Belt originates Shuishiying Town in the south and reaches Chang Cheng Town in the north, covering one street administration, two towns and nine villages. The total length of the belt reaches 17.8 kilometers.

The program guideline is the following:

The general goal is to establish touring city, while carrying out the complex administration for villages, supply of water, forests and fields and highways.

igh-standard modern towns and the new garden villages will be established based on the whole development of 1st, 2nd, 3rd industries. The industry structure will be motivated into a new stage.

The general distribution of the program is the following:

Jointly operate the agriculture, helpfully develop the key enterprises, and efficiently construct the agriculture belt 10000mu. Collectively develop agriculture.

The establishment of three small industrious zones of Chang cheng, Sanjian and Shuishiying are under way. To establish the enterprises with no pollution, low consume energy and high-tech content is our significant goal. The total area of the industry zones occupies 2.3 million square meters.

The 3rd industry being the vital part of the North Highway Economic Belt, the commercial circulation distribution have been previously formed, mainly including the two wholesale markets, a commercial walking street in Sanjian Town. The complex wholesale markets for flowers, birds, fishes, cargo services, building materials and decoration materials in Shuishiying have been previously constructed or are under construction.

The program is planed to develop based on the above, while expending outside for developing the 3rd industry-tourism industry, beautifying the environment, and constructing high-standard modern small towns.

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