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Pulandian County-level City
BY 2004-03-19 15:33:41

Pulandian's superiority of geographical location and industry make itself an ideal place for foreign investment.

Geographical Location Finds "Five Zones and One Belt"

1.Dalian Pulandian Economic Development Zone.

    Pulandian Economic Development zone, approved by the People's Government of Dalian was set up on 30 June, 1992. Now it is a development zone at the provincial grade. The designed area is 10 square kilometers, a 1.2 square kilometer area has been exploited and it will be extended to 3 square kilometers soon. The infrastructure of the zone is complets. A 2.47km long specially-used railway is extended to this development zone. The perfect infrastructure and good investment conditions have attracted many investors to invest and build factories here.

2.Dalian Yangshufang Economis Development zone

    Yangshufang Economic Development Zone:Located in Yangshufang Town, it is a provinclal development zone. The designed area for this development zone is 3.5 square kilometers and an area of 1.3 square kilometers has been developed. The main body of this development zone is the famous Dayang Enterprise Group which produces and exports clothes, and the zone has 28 joint ventures.

3.Dalian Pikou Economic Development Zone

    pikou Economic Development Zone: Located in pikou Town, bordered with Yellow Sea, the Pikou Port gets the special geographical advantage. At Present, its infrastructure begins to take shape.

4.Dalian Anbo Hot Spring Tourist and Holiday Attraction

    Anbo Hot Spring Tourist and Holiday Attraction:It is also a Tourist and Holiday Attraction approved by Dalian Municipal Government.Anbo Hot Spring has over 20 kinds of elements which are good for people's health. It has obvious effect for 36 kinds of diseases. The temperature of hot spring can reach 73 centiagrade. It is called the hottest spring in Asia.

5.Dalian Xiaopingdao Island Tourist and Holiday Attraction

    Xiaoping Island Tourist and Holiday Attraction: Located in the south of Pikou town, it is 4.5 kilometers away from pikou port. Its area is 2 kilometers. It has a special fisherman cuiture and is an ideal place for vacation.

6.Pulandian Economic Belt Along Huanghai Express Way

    The Huanghai Expressway runs through seven towns or counties and is 45.038 kilometers in this region . The total area of counties and town along the expressway is 594 square kilometers, where the land area is 39293.3 hectares,sea area is 19933.3 hectares.

Pulandian Govemment decides to plan and establish an area for rural economic development, fine agricultural product exhibition, trade and circulation.The People's Govemment of Pulandian welcomes businessman at home and abroad to invest here.

Pulandian's Superiority of Industry is as Follow

Clothes processing industry in Pulandian is well known all over the world, There are over 200 clothes processing enterprises in this area. The annual processing capacity is 25 million pieces. Their products are exported to USA, Japan, Russia, Hong Kong, etc.. Dayang Enterprise Group is the leading company.

2.Beer and Drinks:
Dalian Daxue Group produces various Daxue beers, which enjoy a good reputation and a big market share in the north part of China. Yearly production reaches 0.1 million tons. There is a 0.3 million-ton malt joint venture and rich mineral water resource in Pulandian, which supplies convenient condition for foreigners to product beer and drinks.

Dalian Yanming Group exports their products such as fish slices, roes, shells and shrimps to Europe, USA, Canada, Japan, South Korea and so on. It's ocean-going vessels and 30-thousand -ton cool storage have laid solid foundation for food processing.

4.Machinery and Electronic products
Dalian Metallurgical Bearing Group , a leading enterprise for manufacturing machinery and electronic products in Pulandian, produces more than 0.6 million bearings and their "V"brand bearings are exported to more than 60 countrles and regions. It once won silver award in an Asian and Pacific Rim international exhibition. It has planned to build an industry park covering the area of 33 hectares in Wawo Town. The infrastructure is perfect. It is an ideal place for foreigners to produce machinery and electronic products.

5.Stone Processing
Pulandian has rich granite resource whose reserve is 79.9 billion cubic meters. There are over 80 stone processing enterprises and their products have been exported to Japan and Southeast Asia. There is a great hope to build stone processing enterprises in Pulandian.

6.Agriculture Products Processing
Pulandian is famous for apples and vegetables.The annual output of fruits is 0.3 million tons and vegetables 0.7 million tons .It is the best place for foreigners to process agriculture products.

7.Husbandry Raising
Pulandian city is determined by the state as the base of producing meat cow,meat chicken, lean meat pigs. The annual output of meat cows is 160 thousand, meat chickens are 10million and pigs 1.2 million. We hope that foreigners will make investment in husbandry deep processing.

8.The Aquatic Products Breeding
Pulandian's coast line is 65 kilometers long, the beach area is 5,300 hectares and undeveloped beach area is 2000 hectares, where shellfish and rare sea products can be bred. We welcome foreigners to invest and develop here.

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