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Zhuanghe District
BY 2004-03-19 15:31:31

The geopraphical location of our city is superior,the natural resources is very rich, rich offshore resources fresh water resources, mineral resources and tourism resources form great potentiality on economy development.

A.Characteristic Agriculture

The agriculture resources is very abundant, and it is the base of our national commodity grain. We put emphasis on construction of economy belt of Huanghai Expressway and construction of Zhuanghe above the sea, and develop high-quality and high-effect agriculture.

In the 1000-meter district on both side of Huanghai Expressway, we concentrate upon building fine agriculture item and gradually building oasis developing zone, three-high agriculture demonstration area, agriculture industrialist demonstration area and characteristic agriculture industry demonstration area, and make it our important high effect agriculture industry belt, products of best quality agriculture show area, city and countryside commercial circulation belt and agriculture sight-seeing tourist belt.

Quicken the construction pace of Zhuanghe On The Sea. There are 215 kilometers coastline here, the developing potentiality of inshore resources is great. We concentrate on the construction of the globefish breeding base of Guanjiashan,flatfish and crab breeding base of Shinco Enterprises, Prawn and sea cucumber breeding base of Yingtaoshan, shellfish breeding base of Haiyang Enterprise Head Company, offshore breeding base of Sea Resources Developing Company and rice-field & fish base of Mingyang, greatly develop the breeding of valuable sea food and beach shellfish, and develop ocean-fishing industry, to develop sea product processing and export trade.

With Eight Products, we develop economic crops, animal husbandry and fruits producing. With the heading of Landian High Technology Demonstration Area, we develop economic crops such as protected land, domestic vegetable, etc., and import international advanced technique and good breed. With the emphasis of Zhuanghe Dagu chicken, fine wool goat and cattle, we develop animal husbandry; with the backing of Guanjiashan Nursery, Xuling new strain of fruit trees demonstration area, best quality fruits belt by Zhuanghe-Bingyu road, Zhuangjian Road, Zhauggai Road and Huanghai Expressway,fine apple growing base of northwest mountains district, the peach and pear growing base of middle and eastern area, and the suburbs protected land fruits growing base,we develop the fruits growing, now it has taken shape.

B.High Technology Industry

The fresh water resources here is rich which is good to develop industry. Now the Huafeng Wooden furniture's export volume enjoys the first place in our country. The output of silica dioxide from Dalian Universal Electronics Co.,Ltd. is the third in the world.

Around rising industry, importing capital, technique, and talent, breeding and developing of high technology have gradually formed, such as the wooden furniture industry of Huafeng Wood industry Co.,Ltd.,chemical fibre industry of Zhuanghe Hongda Enterprise Head Company, electronic communication facilities industry of Dalian Universal Electronics Co.,Ltd.,food processing and refrigerating industry of Dalian Shandao Food Co.,Ltd., plastic-cement products of Dalian Hiadeli plastic-cement Products Co.,Ltd., paper-making industry of Zhuanghe Hengtong Enterprise Head Company, the machines manufacturing industry of Dazheng Printing Machines Plant,high technology of biology pesticide industry system, etc.

C.Tourism Industry

There is specially good tourism resources advantage here, there is not only picturesque natural view, but also long-history cultural heritage. It forms the structure of natural sight-seeing tourism with emphasis of Bingyu,ecology agriculture rural scenery tourism with emphasis of Huangai Expressnay, Custom characteristic tourism with emphasis of write-teaching and folk paper-cut, leisure holiday tourism with emphasis of Buyunshan hot-spring form. The tourism is gradually developed to be rising support structure in our county.

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