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Changhai County
BY 2004-03-19 15:28:03

Changhaixian, the only island county of Dalian or even the northeastern China, will play an outstanding role in the construction of Dalian over the Sea* for its superiorities of location, resource and economic bases. As a result, Changhaixian has been put forward to be developed into a leading area of Dalian over the sea according to the Dalian over the Sea Program.

A leading area of Dalian over the Sea refers to a model sea pasture, sea tourism base, sea salvage center and over-sea trade channel by making full use of the advantages of its location, resource and industrial bases and by promoting the over-sea economy up to higher level and into vaster realm so as to realize the comprehensive utilization and continuous development of marine resource.

Initial conception for developing Changhai Conunty into a leading area of Dalian over the Sea* goes as the following:

Focus on one aim (construct a modernized garden island), follow two key directions (re-mold principal development part and accelerate industrial transformation), express three advantages (fishing resource, port conditions and scenery), carry on four strategies (establish a sea pasture, open up the outside world, vitalize Changhai County by boosting science and education and by promoting tourism), develop five industries(fishing, cultivation growing, manufacturing, tourism, port trade).

Key projects for inviting foreign investment:

    A: Marine Catching: Take efforts to develop marine fishery; set up a certain industrial scale in the form of equity joint venture or contractual joint venture, etc. At the same time, increase ocean carriage fleets, harmonized with manufacturing vessels so as to raise the profits of foreign capital.

    B: Marine Multi-aquaculture: try to establish a comprehensive farming and pastoral-mode fishery cultivating base(including fish, shrimp, algae and shellfish); develop float valve cultivating scale; spread healthy cultivating mode; raise cultivating benefits; foster proliferation of bottom seeding, beach exploiting and living fish feeding; realize diversified products, excellent layout, ecological balance and scientific cultivation for the purpose of leading in the construction of sea pasture ahead of other places of China.

    C: Marine Products Manufacturing: Take efforts to transform the aquatic products manufacturing companies into foreign invested enterprises so as to realize a breakthrough in aquatic products manufacture and conversion from wealth utilizating industry into profit promoting industry; try to make progress in developing high-tech industry of processing marine medicine, marine health products and nutriment by making full use of the rich marine resources.

    D: Island Tourism: Build a great holiday resort area.

The first is big and small Changshan Islands Seashore tour holiday resort for spending summer holiday, swimming, fishing and doing exercises in Kangle Exercise Center. The second is Nine Islands of the Dragon King Islands for pending summer, underwater swimming, fishing on seashore tour holiday resort. The third is Zhangzi Island tour holiday resort for hunting, fishing, and trading. The fourth is Guanglu Island tour holiday resort for spending honeymoon, swimming, fishing and feeling the nature.

    E: Port Trade: establish a large frontier trade area, a business spot of delivery at sea and three over-sea frontier trade bases-that is, a frontier trade network covering the central areal of the county and town, a spot of delivery at sea from Guanglu Island to Zhangzi Island, a frontier trade base on the sea among Zhangzi Island, the sea and Guanglu Island.

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