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Central Business District of Dalian Xinghai Bay
BY 2004-03-19 15:15:35

The Central Business District of Xinghai Bay, facing the 21 century, is an international business center which combines convention, exhibition, trade, tourism and recreation.

It is situated in the center of Dalian, nestled in the mountains and facing the Sea.From the district, it is only 4 km to the city hall, 10 km to Dalian International Airport, 5 km to Dalian Railway Sataion, 8 km to Dalian Harbor and 12 km to the entrance to the Dalian-Shenyang Expressway.

The planned land area for district is 1.76 sq. km. Taking the convention & exhibition and tourism industry as the hub, the district is divided into different sections for convention and exhibition and their annexes, business facilities, theme park, and residence area for foreigners.

At present, the roads are well paved, ground leveled, such fundamental network supplies as water, gas, electricity communication, bathing beach and a harbor have been provided. All the infrastructure works are well placed to meet requirements.

Planned Projects:

    1. Theme Park

Located in the Southwest of the district, the projected theme park occupies a land area of 450,000 sq.m.. Landmark Entertainment Group, who is the designer of Disney land, will give it an overalll plan and design.

The theme park is divided into six distinctly different themed regions, Victorian Square, Atlantis, Jurassic Outpost, etc.. Coasters, water adventures, spinning rides, exciting dining, entertainment and shopping popular attractions that have thrilled amusement park visitors the world over for years-have been given a new spin with the addition of elaborate facades and sets, fantastic architecture, and inspirational settings.

Parts of the theme park will be open at June of 2001 and the annual attendance is projected to be 10 million.

    2. The Second Phase International Convention & Exhibition Center

With a land area of 84,000 sq.m. and a floor area of 440,000 sq.m., the second phase international convention & exhibition center is adjacent to the existing one in the east.

The exhibition hall will exceed 80,000 sq.m. with 6,000 standard booths which is able to undertake exhibitions of all types. The multifunctional meeting room will hold 3,000 people from foreign countries.

Hotel will provide 3,500 beds. Office room, shopping -mall and all the necessary facilities are going to be built in it.

    3. The Second Phase Sun-Aaia Ocean World

With a land area of 10,000 sq.m., the second phase Sun-Asia ocean world is adjacent to the existing one the the east. The aquarium will include such program as polar adventure exhibition, deep sea advanture exhibition, sail theater, animal shows. The project is planned to be finished in the summer of 2001.

    4. The Castle Park

The appearance of the park is an archaistic castle with a European style. It is located on the mountainside with a land area 25,000 sq.m.. Inside the castle there are projected to be museums, model exhibitions, wax image exhibitions and some archaistic program shows. The project is now looking for foreign investment.

    5. High-class Residential Quarters

On the foot of the mountain and edge of the river and sea, the residential quarters are planned to occupy a land area of 150,000 sq.m..

The villas here are specially designed with western style and for the foreigners in the city. The project is now looking for foreign investment.

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