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International organ
BY 2004-03-19 14:41:59
Name:The society of electrical engineering of Dalian
 Add:Zhongshan Road No. 102
 Name:The commercial association of Dalian
 Add:People's way No. 5
 Name:Design the association in Dalian
 Add:People's way No. 5
 Name:Dalian safes in the employer's organization
 Add:The congratulation street No. 35
 Name:The young travel association of Dalian
 Add:The road No. 94 of Shenyang
Name:The travel association of Dalian
 Add:People's square No. 1
 Name:The Catholicism patriotic committee of Dalian
 Add:The No. No. 66 of the May Fourth Movement
 Name:The Society of Oceanography of Dalian
 Add:Ling ShuiQiao
 Name:Dalian UFO research association
 Add:Unite the way No. 119
 Name:Dialectics of nature of Dalian research association
 Add:Sweet well insult Engineer street No. 2 by sub districts Dalian
 Name:Hygiene worker's association of economic and technological development zone of Dalian
 Add:The 4th floor of Guan Wei's meeting
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