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A) (Bus)

201-203 trolleycar line
501-513 minibus
801-sightseeing shuttle
The others belong to common buses.
Upon entering the bus, you should deposit your bus fare -- 1 RMB for buses and 2 RMB for minibuses. You can buy an electronic bus card or a monthly bus pass. Note: All buses adopt self-service ticketing system, no change.

B) (Taxi)

Starting charge: RMB 8 for 3 kilometres and 1.2 Yuan/kilometer for extra distance. Remember to claim a receipt from the driver, which is helpful in case of lose of belongings.

Taxi Administration 83638328/83638119
Lost & Founding Office 83621379

C) (Car Rental)

Dalian Car Rental Market 82656418
Dalian Car Rental Centre 82814102

D) (Coach Service)

Foreign Affairs Tourist Transport Service 84305157
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