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2004 China(Dalian) Int'l Software & Information Service Fair
BY 2004-03-19 10:46:03

July 28-31, 2004

  China (Dalian) International Software & Information Service Fair is a national software fair approved by the State of Council of P. R. China, which is held with Dalian Int’l Information Technology & Telecommunication Exhibition at the same time every year. It has obtained hospitable participation and much support from the personage at home and abroad with its scale and influence. In its last session, there were 296 exhibitors from 6 countries and areas with an exhibition area 12,000 square meters. At present ,it is the most influential software fair in China. With the enlarging scale and influence, the exhibition has attracted extensive concerns from Software community of China and of adjacent countries and regions.

Exhibition background
  Northeast region has long been the industrial base in China and is pushing forward in all aspects the information construction for state economy that is “boosting industrialization with informationization”. Northeast region of tremendous potential is one of the key markets teemed with commercial opportunities for China’s information industry.
Dalian is located in the center of northeast Asia economic zone. It is a crucial port city of foreign trade that connects northeast China with Asia and Europe and plays a significant role in northeast region and Bohai-Rim economic zone.
Dalian is one of the hot spots with rapid growth of domestic electronic and information industry. Its total output value of electronic and information manufacturing sector in 2001 has reached more than 30 billion RMB and occupied 57% of that in the northeast region. In recent years, software industry has been growing with tremendous momentum. Software export ranks among the leading ones in China. Especially, the relationship with Japan, South Korea and northeast Asian countries as well as European and American countries becomes closer and software export grows continuously over years.
China (Dalian) International Software & Information Fair is one of the most important ways to enter national software market, especially in the market of north China, even of northeast Asia. The focus of the fair is to push forward the growth of software and information service rapidly, and to further promote international exchange and cooperation in software industry.

Sponsored by:
Ministry of Information Industry of P.R.C.
Ministry of Commerce of P.R.C.
Ministry of Education of P.R.C
China Council for the Promotion of International Trade
Liaoning Provincial Municipal People’s Government
Dalian Municipal People’s Government

Time of Show:28-31 July, 2004
Arrangement: 25-27 July, 2004  
Withdrawal:31 July. 2004.14:00
Opening Hours: 9:00 -16:30
1. Network and Safety
Network management and server software; network platform, various network safety software and integrated system.
2. Management and trade application
Office system software, management application software system for the trades, such as industry and commerce, finance, insurance, tax, traffic, material flow, etc.
3. Application of education, multi-media
Audio-visual education programmes system, campus network, etc; Publishing, audio frequency and video making, audio-video discerning and game software, etc.
4. Basic systems software
PC and server operating system; dada base; built-in system; Procedure making software, etc.
Series of activities:
1、International cooperation of industry of the software seminar;
2、Invite outside investment, investment, financing project consulting meeting;
3、Exchange of technology and lecture;
4、The software talent is trained, exchange and recruit;
5、Show and invite outside investment in the software base, software garden construction achievement.
Application Procedure for Participation:
1. All candidates shall fill in the Participation Registration Form and fax to the organizer ASAP.
2. The organizer, subject to the requirement borne on the Participation Registration Form, shall notify the candidate of the arranged booth number.
3. The candidate, if accepting such arrangement, shall make remittance and fax the receipt thereof to the organizer.
4. Candidate shall, meanwhile fax or mail his brief introduction (within the limit of 500 words) to the organizer (Deadline: July 30, 2004).
Publicity and Service of the Exhibition:
1.Extensive publicity will be carried on through prominent domestic and international websites and all kinds of mass media.
2.Forms, such as Letters, Telephone, E-mail, Advertisement, Internet and delegates organized by the government and trade associations, will be adopted to invite traders to present.
3.Services will be supplied, such as Hotels, Ticket-booking, Booth setup and Advertisement.
Competitive Booth Rate:
Space only: USD220/㎡(minimum 36㎡)
Shell Scheme: USD2,600/each(3m × 3m=9㎡);
Shell Scheme Includes: one consulting desk, two chairs, one electric outlet 220V/5A single phase, two spotlights,light box,a piece of carpet and one lintel board.
Contact at:
China Council for Promotion of International Trade Dalian Sub-council
Add: Rm. 1110 Wanda Building No. 9 Jiefang Street Zhongshan District, Dalian, China
Post Code: 116001
Contact Person: Helen Xu,Wang Changhai,Tang Yuhua,WanglLei
E-mail: it@ccpitdl.org
Payee: Dalian International Chamber of Commerce Exposition Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
Bank :Guandong Development Bank Dalian Branch Business Dept.
Bank Add: No. 3 Zhongshan Square ,Zhongshan District ,Dalian(116001)
A/C: 780151600010182

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