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2004 Dalian Int'l Exhibition for Consumer Electronic Products & Household Electronic Appliances
BY 2004-03-19 10:44:32

2004’ Dalian International Exhibition for Consumer Electronic Products & Household Electric Appliances

May.25-28,2004 Dalian Xinghai Convention & Exhibition Center

“Dalian International Exhibition for Consumer Electronic Products & Household Electric Appliances” is an international trade exhibition facing to the northeast China , economic zones circling Bohai sea and those zones of northeast Asia.
China as the world’s third largest Consumer Electronic Products & Household Electric Appliances market, the total sales reached over USD 10 billion,what has made domestic and foreign elites pay high attention.
Northeast region is one of the key markets teemed with commercial opportunities for China’s consumer electronic & household electric industry. Dalian, the gateway of north China for opening up to the outside world performs a major role in the Northeast and around the Bohai Sea economic zones. With the development of economy and the people’s living standard have been raised, Demand of in the society has been deeply increased. Which will provide opportunities for advanced. Consumer Electronic Products & Household Electric Appliances marching into Dalian and other Northeastern markets.
Beginning of 1996,“Dalian International Exhibition for Consumer Electronic Products & Household Electric Appliances” is one of the “trade fair”’s five subjects, and in 2004, it’s brought into the China Dalian Import & Export Commodities Fair.
The 18th China Dalian Import &Export Commodities Fair is an regional import and export commeodities fair, is opproved by The Ministry of Commerce of P.R.China. In its last session, there were more than 500 enterprises from 16 countries and areas, about 40 trade delegation to participate in it .The fair has welcomed more than 50,000 visitors, and the agregated transaction amout is 820 millon dollars. We believe that northeast China ,economic zones circling Bohai sea and those zones of northeast Asia at large with tremendous market potential is waiting sincerely domestic and foreign elites to develop and expand their business here.

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China Coucil For Promotion of International Trade
Dalian Municipal People’s Government
China Coucil for the Promotion of international Trade Dalian Sub-coucil

Time of Show: May .25-28 ,2004
Time of Arrangenment: May.22-24,2004
Time of Withdrawal: May.28 4pm,2004

Scope of Exhibits:
Household electronic products
※ Video and audio products such as television, laser disc player, mp3 player, home theater , sound system, tape recorder, projector, etc.;
※ Telecamera, camera, digital camera and other picture and video technologies and products;
※ Household electronic medical, health care, recreation facilities;
※ Electronic music instrument, games, toys, electronic gifts etc.;
※ Micro-computer, software and hardware for home education and peripheral equipment, personal digital assistance, handtop, electronic dictionary, calculator, etc.;
※ Communication devices such as household telephone sets, fax, etc. and security systems such as gate intercom, alarm, etc.

Household electric products
※ Air-conditioner, exhaust fan, electric fan, electric heater, air cleaner, household fuel boiler, water heater, etc.
※ Washing machine, dryer, electric iron, vacuum cleaner, electric blower and beauty and hair-style facilities;
※ Kitchen utensils such as refrigerator, freezer, sterilizing cabinet, electric cooker, electric, gas ranges and oven, microwave oven, grill, dish-washer, coffee maker, agitator, juicer, soybean milk machine, thermos bottle, etc.
※ Light fittings, household optical sources, switch, socket, components, spare parts, etc.

Application procedure:
1.All candidates shall fill in the Participation Registration Form and fax to the organizer ASAP.
2. The organizer, subject to the requirement borne on the Participation Registration Form, shall notify the candidate of the arranged booth number.
3. The candidate, if accepting such arrangement, shall make remittance and fax the receipt thereof to the organizer.
4. Candidates shall fax or mail its brief introduction while applying (within the limit of 300 words) to the organizer (Closing Date: May.30, 2004)

Publicity and Service of the Exhibition:
1.Extensive publicity will be carried on through prominent domestic and international websites and all kinds of news media.Forms, such as letters, Telephone, E-mail, Advertisement, Internet and delegates organized by the government and trade associations, will be adopted to invite traders to be present.
2..Services will be supplied, such as Hotels, Ticket-booking, Booth setup and Advertisement.

Booth Fee:
USD2200/each(3m × 3m);Raw Space: USD220/m2 (minimum 36m2)
Standard Booth Includes: one consulting desk, two chairs, one electric outlet 220V/5A single phase, two spotlights a piece of carpet and one lintel board.
Directory Ad.:(210mm x 285mm)
Back cover:RMB20,000/page
Inside front cover:RMB15,000/page
Inside back cover:RMB10,000/page
Inside pages:RMB8,000/page
Admission tickets:RMB40,000/page

Contact at:
China Council for Promotion of International Trade Dalian Sub-council
Add: Rm. 1110 Wanda Building No. 9 Jiefang Street Zhongshan District, Dalian, China
Post Code: 116001
Contact Person: Tang Yuhua, Wang Lei ,Xu Wei ,Wang Changhai
E-mail: IT@ccpitdl.org
Bank A/C: Guangdong Development Bank Dalian Branch Business Dept.
A/C: 780151600010182

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