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Dalian Int'l Digital Network Amusement Exhibition & WCG
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28 -31 July, 2004

Along with the development of the economy, a new cultural market on the internet---network game is rising in China. It is fully displayed the advantage of the internet and build the true entertainment in the ficticious world by its features such as interactivity, emulative and competitive. The emerging of netwok game changed the traditional entertainment and become a new industry in information industry which cannot be ignored.

Entertainment industry has great potentiality in Chinese market. It is appraised according to the accumulated amount of 3000 PCs in mainland China that the market potentiality should be above RMB 3 billion. And it is also estimated that the market of copyright PC games software in mainland China should be RMB 586 million in 2002 and RMB 9.71 billion in 2003.

Especially the network games, China has become the largest network market secondary to USA with its 56.6 million people on-line. It is no doubt that China will become the biggest network market in the world. According to the statistics of international information company IBC, the Chinese network game market in 2001 was RMB 310 million, RMB 910 billion in 2002, and will get into the high-speed growth period in 2003 with reaching RMB 1.97 billion. It is no doubt that China will be come the biggest market of global network game.

Dalian is an important central city for seaport, industry, trade, tourism, finance and information. It is also the leading city in the economy of northeast China and an open door to the outside world. And the popularity of PC and internet in Dalian is among the best of the successful candidates in China.

The economy and social development in Dalian has been in rapid growth for many years. The GDP also has been keeping increasing in two numbers for 9 years.

To hold the entertainment exhibition in Dalian aims at initiating and developing the spirit of e-sports and theme such as rousing and struggling, healthy and intelligence-beneficial, harmony and cooperative, leading the fashionable and healthy trends of electronic entertainment culture. and promoting the development of the amusement industry healthfully and orderly.

Sponsored by:
Dalian Municipal People’s Government
China Council for the promotion of International Trade Dalian Sub-Council
Taipei World Centre Trade Centre
CNC Dalian
Dalian Xinghai Convention and Exhibition Centre Multi-functional hall
Show area:
4,000 sq.
Time of Show: 28-31 July, 2004
Arrangement: 25-27 July, 2004
Withdrawal: 31.July. 2004, 14:00
Opening Hours: 9:00 -16:30
Entertainment and Edutainment Software;
Educational Software/Content (including Distance Education, On-Line Education etc.);
Game Consoles、Game and Computer Accessories、Portable Game Device;
On-Line Entertainment Products and Entertainment Internet Products、Technologies and Content;
Broadband Entertainment/Edutainment Technologies and Content、Equipments and Peripherals;
Wireless/Mobile/PDA/MP3 Application Software and Technologies;
Multimedia Entertainment/Edutainment Technologies and Peripherals;
Software and Hardware for Animation Design and Production
Software and Equipment for Digital Visual Effects;
Graphic Design Software & Hardware;
Software and Equipment for Digital Visual Effects ;
Application Procedure for Participation:
1. All candidates shall fill in the Participation Registration Form and fax to the organizer ASAP.
2. The organizer, subject to the requirement borne on the Participation Registration Form, shall notify the candidate of the arranged booth number.
3. The candidate, if accepting such arrangement, shall make remittance and fax the receipt thereof to the organizer.
4. Candidate shall, meanwhile fax or mail his brief introduction (within the limit of 500 words in English and Chinese) to the organizer (Deadline: June.30, 2004).
Publicity and Service of the Exhibition:
1.Extensive publicity will be carried on through prominent domestic and international websites and all kinds of news media.
2.Forms, such as Letters, Telephone, E-mail, Advertisement, Internet and delegates organized by the government and trade associations, will be adopted to invite traders to present.
3.Services will be supplied, such as Hotels, Ticket-booking, Booth setup and Advertisement.
Serious of Activities:
1,WCG Dalian sub-sector competition;
2,World digital entertainment culture industry summit and forum;
3,Copyright protection seminar;
4,International entertainment technology seminar;
5,China(Hong Kong,Taiwan),Japan, Korea, America digital entertainment industry exhchange;
6.Digital interactive art—e Garment show;
7,International net game live competition party(International digital interactive art awards competition)
Competitive Booth Rate:
Space only: USD180/㎡(minimum 36㎡)
Shell Scheme: USD1,800/each(3m × 3m=9㎡);
Shell Scheme Includes: one consulting desk, two chairs, one electric outlet 220V/5A single phase, light box,two spotlights a piece of carpet and one lintel board.

Contact at:
China Council for Promotion of International Trade Dalian Sub-council
Add: Rm. 1110 Wanda Building No. 9 Jiefang Street Zhongshan District, Dalian, China
Post Code: 116001
Contact Person: Xu Wei, Tang Yuhua, Wang Lei ,Wang Changhai,
E-mail: it@ccpitdl.org
Payee: Dalian International Chamber of Commerce Exposition Industrial Development Co., Ltd.
Bank: Guangdong Development Bank Dalian Branch Business Dept.
Bank Add: No.3 Zhongshan Square, Zhongshan District, Dalian(116001)
A/C: 780151600010182
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