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Calendar of 2004 Dalian Exhibition(2)
BY 2004-03-19 10:16:28
Date:2004-7-21-2004-7-23 Aera:7500Square
  The 11th Int'l Construction, Decoration Materials & Hotel Facility EXPO
Date:2004-7-21-2004-7-24 Aera:7000Square
  The 11th Int'l Industrial Materials. Parts Exhibition & Industrial Cooperation Equipment Negotiation The 6th Dalian Int'l Machine Tool, Cutter & Mould EXPO The 5th Dalian International Machine Tools
Date:2004-7-21-2004-7-23 Aera:7500Square
  China Dalian International Sofware Fair
Date:2004-7-28-2004-7-31 Aera:7500Square
  Dalian Int'l Information Technology & E Telecommunication quipment EXPO Dalian International Electronic Components & Production Equipment EXPO 2004 Dalian International Show for Screen Display , Lig
Date:2004-7-28-2004-7-31 Aera:7500Square
Date:2004-7-28-2004-7-31 Aera:15000Square
2004 Asia Tourism Exhibition The 11th International Hotel Equipment & Articles(Dalian) EXPO 2004 Dalian Washing , Cleaning Facilities and Technology EXPO. The 5th Dalian Int'l Linked Supermarket Go
Date:2004-8-5-2004-8-10 Aera:15000Square
2004 Dalian International Sports and Facilities EXPO. The 9th Dalian International Medical Instruments, Health Facilities and Health Care Products EXPO.
Date:2004-8-11-2004-8-14 Aera:15000Square
Date:2004-8-11-2004-8-14 Aera:15000Square
  2004 China International Patent Skill and Products Fair
Date:2004-8-18-2004-8-21 Aera:15000Square
The 9th Dalian International Auto Industrial EXPO.
Date:2004-8-26-2004-8-30 Aera:40000Square
Date:2004-8-26-2004-8-30 Aera:40000Square
  2004 China International Enviroment Protection Fair
Date:2004-9-2-2004-9-4 Aera:14000Square
  The 16th Dalian International Fashion Fair (First Period)
Date:2004-9-10-2004-9-13 Aera:15000Square
  The 16th Dalian International Fashion Fair (Second Period) Dalian Int'l Textile Machinery Clothing Machinery Washing & Pressing Equipment Fair
Date:2004-9-15-2004-9-20 Aera:15000Square
  2004 China Northern Power Technology and Equipment EXPO.
Date:2004-9-23-2004-9-26 Aera:14000Square
  Dalian Fire and Safe Technology & Facilities EXPO. Dalian Labor Protection Article and Safe Technical Equipment EXPO. Dalian International Ad. Tech & Printing Equipment EXPO. Dalian Intern
Date:2004-9-23-2004-9-26 Aera:5000Square
Date:2004-9-23-2004-9-26 Aera:5000Square
Date:2004-10-1-2004-10-4 Aera:3000Square
  Dalian Tour Commodities Fair The 6th Dalian International Jewelry Fair
Date:2004-10-1-2004-10-6 Aera:10000Square
  Dalian International Shoes Industrial Fair
Date:2004-10-1-2004-10-4 Aera:3000Square
  2004 Autumn National Electrical Apparatus Commodity Trade Fair
Date:2004-10-9-2004-10-12 Aera:15000Square
  The Autumn Real Estate Fair & Housing Equipment & Related Products EXPO Dalian The 6th Dalian International Building Materials & Sanitary Ware (Dalian) EXPO
Date:2004-10-15-2004-10-19 Aera:15000Square
2004 Dalian Exhibition of Restored Articles for Mid-Old Age
Date:2004-10-22-2004-10-25 Aera:15000Square
  2004 China Facilities & Articles Fair for Education
Date:2004-10-28-2004-10-31 Aera:15000Square
  004 Dalian International Agriculture Exhibition 2004 Dalian International Oil Facilities & Technology Exhibition.
Date:2004-11-4-2004-11-7 Aera:15000Square
  2004 Dalian International Stone Products and Producting Technology EXPO.
Date:2004-11-10-2004-11-30 Aera:7000Square
2004 Dalian International Stone Products and Producting Technology EXPO.
Date:2004-11-15-2004-11-18 Aera:7000Square
  The 8th International Fur Leather and Products Fair
Date:2004-11-21-2004-11-26 Aera:7500Square
The 7th International Popular Furniture (Dalian) Exhibition
Date:2004-11-21-2004-11-24 Aera:7000Square
  2004 Dalian International Gifts and Home Ornaments Exhibition for Christmas
Date:2004-12-16-2004-12-20 Aera:6000Square
  The 9th Int'l Spring-Welcoming Famous Quality Native Products Fair
Date:2004-12-17-2004-12-24 Aera:5000Square
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