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Dalian Municipality's Stipulations About Introduction of Chinese Learners Abroad to Work In Dalian
BY 2004-03-19 09:01:42

Dalian Municipality's Several Stipulations Concerning Introduction of Chinese Learners Abroad to Work In Dalian

Clause One: The present stipulations are purposely made in accordance with the nation's related stipulations, in order to introduce Chinese learners abroad, especially such high-grade learners as with doctoral degree, to work in Dalian so as to promote the city's economic and social development.

Clause Tow: The present stipulations are applicable to the Chinese citizens who have studied abroad at their own expense, or sponsored by the state, have won master and higher degrees abroad and were college graduates before going abroad, or were granted middle and higher academic titles at home, have studied abroad for over two years and achieved considerable academic results.

Clause Three: Dalian Municipal Personnel Bureau is a department that is comprehensively in charge of Chinese learners abroad who come to work in Dalian (referred as CLA-WID hereafter), concretely responsible for liaison, reception, consultation, qualification confirmation, formality checkup and handling and information exchange for CLA-WID.

Clause Four: CLA-WID may act in a principle : they may come and leave at will with easy check-in and check-out so long as they think they may give their talent a full play. Ways of working in Dalian may be selected as follows:
1. To work in state organ, institutional department , enterprise and other organizations, or work concurrently.
2. To set up , contract or lease economic entities or R&D organs of various natures.
3. To buy shares from various enterprises with patent, patented technology and funds of their own.
4. To be invited or appointed as adviser or consultative expert by the state organ ,enterprise and institutional department.
5. To conduct sci-tech research cooperation and carry out technical development activities in Dalian.

Clause Five: Self-contact or recommendation by the city's personnel department may be practiced for CLA-WID. Formalities for their job transference are handled by personnel departments.

Clause Six: CLA-WID may register with I.D. for long-term domicile, or may work for short period without I.D. registration. Anyway, free coming and leaving is guaranteed. The introduced CLA-WID with master and higher degrees and their family dependents are free from restriction of family-planning quota and exempted from urban expansion fee.

Clause Seven: Settlement certificate can be issued by the city's personnel department and sojourn formalities be handled by public security department for CLA-WID who settled in Dalian with their family dependents. Sojourn may be registered within Dalian urban area for those who work in Xiang-township enterprise, county (county-level city ) and rural districts. "Peasantry-transferred -to-non-peasantry status" and" rural domicile transferred to urban area" formalities are handled in priority for CLA-WID ,their spouses and their parents they have to support. They may make choice at will of nurseries and school if their children need go to nursery and school

Clause Eight: Number of years for which CLA-WID who have won master and doctoral degrees abroad, or whose domestic posts are retained without salaries, and now have studied and worked abroad, is calculated continuously as their service length. For other CLA-WID, service length is computed with length before going abroad plus years they are going to serve at home

Clause Nine: The department where CLA-WID come to work, is exempted from any restriction on employment quota and total wage amount. CLA-WID appointed as professional personnel are free of restriction on number of job. Appropriate professional qualification may be confirmed to CLA-WID who won master or doctoral degrees. CLA-WID who work in administrative organs and institutions but are not in leading posts, are free from restriction on number of posts.

Clause Ten: The research materials, books, literatures and sci-tech research apparatuses and other articles brought back by CLA-WID are let go duty free at customs by only showing related certificates issued by the city's personnel department. CLA-WID who settled in Dalian may each purchase one home-made car duty free for their own use , exempted from urban expansion fee and car purchase additional charge.

Clause Eleven: Housing for CLA-WID is provided in priority with proper subsidy by employer according to related policy on the city's housing system reform. CLA-WID with doctoral degree, who work in Dalian for short period and whose housing problem is hard to deal with, may apply for rent of apartment built with special funds by the municipality. CLA-WID with a doctoral degree from abroad, when they work in Dalian, will be given 10000 yuan RMB of settlement subsidy annually from the municipal government for three years. Post-doctoral students working in Dalian will be given 20000 yuan RMB settlement subsidy every year.

Clause Twelve: Formalities are handled in priority by departments concerned for CLA-WID who apply for further study or research abroad again, or attend foreign academic conference, or other short-term academic activity.

Clause Thirteen: One million yuan RMB is to be allocated from the city's talent development fund for use in introduction of higher-degree CLA.

Clause Fourteen: CLA-WID are encouraged to engage in transformation and industrialization activities of high and new tech achievements. The municipal government allocates certain amount annually from the sci-tech three-item fund. CLA-WID with doctoral degree, who come to work in departments directly under the municipality, will be given appropriate amount of sci-tech-starting fund according to establishment of sci-tech research project, by the city's Science and Technology Commission. According to the state's related stipulations, the municipal financial department arranges in 1:2 ratio the sci-tech supporting funds allocated to the city's CLA-WID by the state's ministries and commissions.

Clause Fifteen: CLA-WID in Dalian with their technology and patents, are to be recompensed by their employers according to practical value of technology and patents they brought back with them and necessary experimental site, equipment and funds are to be provided for them. The transformation and industrialization projects of high and new technical achievements of CLA-WID will be supported in priority with fund from the city's sci-tech risk fund. CLA-WID who run enterprises in Dalian Initial Park for CLA, will enjoy reduction of and exemption from tax, reduction of conveyance duty of land use right, with low rental of apartment, and are supported in priority by incubation fund and enjoy prolonged effective period of their sojourn and other favorable policies.

Clause Sixteen: High and new technology shares held by CLA-WID are to be registered and chartered by industrial and commercial administrative department after appraisal by qualification assessment organ, of through discussion by all parties of investment resulted in written agreement . Such shares confirmed as results of high and new technology may be priced as much as 35% of registered capital. Shares, agreed otherwise by all parties of investment, shall not be restricted by this percentage.

Clause Seventeen: CLA-WID who have made prominent contribution during their work in Dalian are to be cited and rewarded by the municipal government and their employers.

Clause Eighteen: The present stipulations are to be interpreted by Dalian Municipal People's Government.

Clause Nineteen: From date when the present stipulations are issued, 《The Several Stipulations of Dalian Municipality to Encourage Chinese Learners Abroad to Work in Dalian》issued on August 23, 1993 by the municipal government, becomes nullified.

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