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Proposed project: Five Star Hotel
BY 2004-03-18 16:49:04
Name of the proposed project: Five Star Hotel
Description of the proposed project (products,technology and marketing):
It's planned to be a center hotel of Golden Pebble Beach, including guest rooms, Chinese and western restaurants, conference room, public bar, coffee hall, indoor swimming pool, bowling, night club, business center, electric gaming room, chess and card, amusement center, fitting and beauty salon, shop.
Intended mode of cooperation: (*) Equity joint venture (*) Contractual joint venture () Technical introduction (*) Equipment import () Compensation trade () Other forms
Total investment : USD 45 millionRegistered capital: USD 15 million
Intended duration of cooperation: 30 yearsProjected time for reimbursement: 7 years
Chinese contribution and structure (in US Dollars): -Total: USD 1.5 million
-Break down: (*) Cash () Equipment () Technology () Buildings (*) Land () Others
Foreign Contribution Sought and structure (in USD): -Total: USD 13.5 million
-Break down: (*) Cash (*) Equipment (*) Technology () Others
Project site: ( ) All the existing plant ( ) Part of the existing plant (* ) New intended site of construction
Project progress:
(* ) A detailed project description
(*) Pre-feasibility study
( ) Feasibility study report
The project is: ( )Encouraged (*)Permitted ( )Restricted by the state
Description of Chinese partner:
Name: Address:
Total Capital : Registered capital:
Year of Establishment: Ownership:
Tel: 86-411-Fax: 86-411-
Post Code: Email:
Land Coverage: Land premises:
Number of staff: Average age:
Average monthly salaries: RMBNumber of technical staff:
Main products: Output:

Technological & operational condition(Industrial technology & product sales):

Development in the same trade(Including domestic enterprise & enterprise with foreign investment):
Negotiator of the project: Mrs. An Jinxiang
Tel: 0086-411- 7900137 7902024 7902040
Fax: 0086-411-7900425
Email: ipbureau@dalian.gov.cn
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