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Proposed project: Production of Nutrition Liquid of Soybean Protein
BY 2004-03-18 16:29:17
Name of the proposed project: Production of Nutrition Liquid of Soybean Protein
Description of the proposed project (products,technology and marketing):
The Nutrition Liquid of Soybean Protein, a new-age functional drink with the soybean as the raw material, is a kind of edible amino acid nutrition drink produced according to the international level and the requirements for the environmental protection. It looks pure and transparent and tastes a little acid and sweet meanwhile with a cool feeling in mouth. It is full of alanine, saponin, aspartic acid, glutamic acid and other 18 amino acids and also more than 20 trace elements as Zn, Ca, Fe and 13 kinds of vitamins, which is a most effective nourishing food for the body nourishment with the function of cancer proof, decrepitude proof and etc. Lushun Longtou Industry Co., Ltd. is the professional mill for the producing of soybean products and owns the advanced techniques and abundant experience. Now we are tending to look for the cooperation for the producing of the soybean nutrition juice products and sales in the whole Chinese market.
Intended mode of cooperation: (*)Equity joint venture (* )Contractual joint venture ( ) Technical introduction ( ) Equipment import () Compensation trade (*)Other forms
Total investment : USD 1.8 millionRegistered capital: USD 1.8 million
Intended duration of cooperation: 20 yearsProjected time for reimbursement: 2 years
Chinese contribution and structure (in US Dollars): -Total: USD 1 million
-Break down: ( ) Cash (*)Equipment ( ) Technology (*)Buildings (*)Land (*)Others
Foreign Contribution Sought and structure (in USD): -Total: USD 0.8 million
-Break down: (*) Cash (*) Equipment (*)Technology ( ) Others
Project site: ( ) All the existing plant (*) Part of the existing plant () New intended site of construction
Project progress:
(*) A detailed project description
(* ) Pre-feasibility study
(*) Feasibility study report
The project is: (* )Encouraged ( )Permitted ( )Restricted by the state
Description of Chinese partner:
Name: Dalian Lushunkou Longtou Industry Co., Ltd.Address: Longtou Town, Lushunkou Dist. Dalian, China
Total Capital : USD 1.5 millionRegistered capital: USD 1.5 million
Year of Establishment: 1985Ownership: collective
Tel: 86-411-6280122Fax: 86-411- 6280093
Post Code: 116046Email:
Land Coverage: 2,000 Square MetersLand premises: 200 Square Meters
Number of staff: 120Average age: 40
Average monthly salaries: RMB 650Number of technical staff: 20
Main products: Bean Oil, Drinks, Feed, Soybean Nutrition Liquid and etc.Output: 20,000 tons per year

Technological & operational condition(Industrial technology & product sales): The products are on the stage of exploity now. With the ripe technique, we believe, this new health care drink will be popularly sold in the market.

Development in the same trade(Including domestic enterprise & enterprise with foreign investment): The research and exploity of this product meets not only the requirements of our state industry policy but also the tendency of the international food and drinks so its market and potent are great.
Negotiator of the project: Ms. Cui Caifu
Tel: 0086-411- 6611684
Fax: 0086-411-6610206
Email: lushun@dalian-gov.net
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