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Jinzhou Industrial Auxiliary Park
BY 2004-03-18 15:47:35


I. Project Background
To accelerate the growth of Dalian component auxiliary industry and further enhance the business solicitation towards outside, Dalian Municipal Government is determined to erect Jinzhou Industrial Auxiliary Park, Dalian. The survey conducted by Dalian Foreign Economic and Trade Bureau shows that Dalian's present component auxiliary industry fails to meet the demand of foreign business. Typically a far gap is found compared with Southern China for its lack of aggregation, volume ( for example, the electronics sector completion auxiliary rate is less than 5%), low technical level ( unable to produce highly precise components) and high cost ( 10-20% higher than that of Southern China). These inferior conditions not only make it hard for the foreign business to grow but also affect the productive enterprises to settle down in Dalian. All in all, the industrial component auxiliary has become the bottleneck against Dalian's foreign-oriented development. To solve this problem in a short term, the industrial component auxiliary shall be put on the same agenda as complete set of equipment. Now, it has been considered as a sector, and special zone shall be allocated without preferential policy granted and initiative system followed so as to form a auxiliary business complex.

II. Project target
Based on the regional advantages and basic conditions, the Park implements such updated system as special management, servant-type service, multiple investment, market operation, upgrade the component auxiliary production to be of the same level of complete set of equipment, treat auxiliary industry as a sector so as to build a auxiliary business complex in a short term. In term of region positioning, the policy aims at Based on Dalian, Serve Northeast China, Towards Whole China; in term of auxiliary object, the policy majorly support private, township and small and medium-sized business; in term of auxiliary line, the policy gives priority to electronics and machinery lines.
The recent-period service object shall be Dalian Economic and Technical Development Zone and then Dalian region in long term. The Park shall play a model role in solving present component auxiliary's problem so as to enhance Dalian city's growth in this line. Furthermore, the Park also aims to build itself into a hub of components in Northeast China by way of component trading and lowering component cost. Through three years' construction, the Park will grow to be a first-class, state-of-the-art, modern, unique and profitable park. As the model of Dalian city, it will perform gigantic role in promoting Dalian's economy.

III. Explanation on project planning
1. Survey: The Park, blessed with favorable natural conditions and infrastructure is located at the southern tip of Jinzhou District, Dalian, with planned area covering 173.8ha and adjacent to Dalian Economic and Technical Development Zone. The center of it stands at 38o56' N and 121o26'.
Subject to the overall plan, the Park is divided into 6 function areas, i.e., Electric Machinery Machining Area covering 23.57ha, Precise Casting Machining Area covering 21.72 ha, Package Processing Area covering 13.12ha, New-model Material Processing and Machine Building and Machining Area covering 21.68ha, Component Trade, Logistics and Distribution and Exhibition Area covering 26.43ha, and Life Service Area covering 24.78ha.
2. Location: Yangjiacun and Wujiacun, Zhanqian Subdistrict, Jinzhou District.
3. Investment: Total investment: RMB222,290,000 yuan including: land use:RMB120,000,000yuan; power supply project:RMB8,800,000yuan; water supply project:RMB15,500,000yuan; road construction:RMB21,830,000yuan; preliminary investment:RMB42,664,000yuan; others:RMB13,500,000yuan.
4. Investment mode: equity joint venture, cooperative joint venture; establishment of business within the Park.
5. Investment estimation (RMB ten thousand yuan)

  Reference price Basis Sum
Total RMB223,000,000yuan   22300
Resident removal RMB85,000yuan/family 118 families 1000
Land use RMB160-200yuan/Sq.m 600 thousand Sq.m 8460
Infrastructure auxiliary Power supply:RMB8.8million yuanWater supply:RMB15.5million yuanRoad:RMB21.85 million yuan   4613
Preliminary project RMB42.66million yuan   4266
Others RMB49.61million yuan   4961

6.Conditions offered from Chinese Party
Favorable geographical location: The Park is adjacent to Dalian Economic and Technical Development Zone, 25km from center of Dalian, 27km from Dalian Port, 20km from Zhoushuizi Int'l Airport, 3km from Jinzhou Railway Station, 5km from the Jinzhou Entrance to Shenyang-Dalian Expressway, 9km from Dayaowan Harbor. The city and port advantages could be fully taken use of in construction of the Park.
Sound climate and hydrological conditions: Within the Park, the ground is flat. It is located within the north temperate zone subhumid monsoon climate area, with average annual temperature being 9.3?歱0.5?欠average annual sunshine time being 2567.4hrs, average annual precipitation being 500-700mm, maximum permafrost being 93cm; it is mainly southeast and northwest winds year round, average wind speed being 3.7m/s. All in all, it is a nice place for investment in North of China.
Easily-accessible traffic conditions: The Park is not only within vicinity of Jinzhou Railway Marshalling Yard, the largest one in South of Liaoning Province but also adjacent to the Jinzhou Entrance to Shenyang-Dalian Expressway, and is closely connected with the Zhenxing Road linking Dalian Economic and Technical Development Zone and the Dalian city district.
The Hada and Heda expressways and Changda and Dazhuang railways are crossed at Jinzhou city district neighboring the Park and within 30kms from the Park are airport and harbors. The convenient traffic conditions realize low transportation cost.
Basically available water, power, road and communications conditions
(1) Water supply and sewage: There are presently four motor-pumped wells with daily supply capacity of 3000t. The sewage conditions are fine and there are 2 sewage pipes with diameter respectively of 0.8m and 1m. Following the difference of terrains from east to west, the sewage will be flow to the Jinzhou Sewage Treatment Factory through the pipes.
(2) Power supply; at present the Park power can be supplied by Jinzhou District 66kv Transformer Substation and there have been 3 transmission lines of 10kv.
(3) Heat supply: Within the Park is a 36T/H boiler room for heat supply. It is planned to connect with the heating lines from Dalian Economic and Technical Development Zone Thermal Power Plant 1.5km from the Park.
(4) Communications: Within the Park there are 10 thousand program controlled telephone exchangers which may meet the Park's demand.

Preferential policy
a) Establishment of "Fee-Exemption Area": All fees of the administrative management will be exempted.
b) One-Stop Service: The registration and filing procedures for establishment of business will be conducted by the specially-charged person of the Park administration office which will also provide tracing service for capital increase or later-on demand of the business.
c) Project examination and approval: For foreign-funded project with investment less than USD30million, the examination and approval will be conducted by the Park administration office; for the lines and/or projects not limited by the state, the registration filing system is tried and the preliminary examination and approval is changed into later-on superintendence service.
d) Land use: For business residing within the Park, the land price is RMB160-200yuan/Sq.m which may be paid by installment. 75% of total sum shall be paid in the first installment and an exemption at 10%-50% of the balance may be granted subject to the amount of tax paid within the first two years after the business has put into operation.
e) Standard premises: Real estate developer is entitled to the aforesaid preferential policy in obtaining land use right and may also involve in such activities as standard premises construction and sales.
i. The sales price of standard premises is RMB1,400yuan-2000yuan/sq.m and rental is RMB0.3-0.4yuan/sq.m per day.
ii. To business procuring or renting standard premises within the Park, 5%-15% subsidy may be granted subject to the first two years' tax paid after it has put into operation.
f) Talent invitation: To various technical and management personnel demanded by business residing within the Park, aids will be given in term of procedures as regulated necessary covering their assignment, settlement, family member education, etc. in accordance with relevant regulations.
g) Independent financial tax system is followed by the Park: Within the Park, taxation shall follow state's regulations. As for the part of tax paid by business residing within the Park which shall be reserved by local government will be used into the Park's infrastructure construction and various subsidies and supports proportionally.

Contact: Jinzhou Industrial Auxiliary Park Administration Commission
Tel:7697588 7697988 Fax:7672288
Website: www.DLPTY.com

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