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Dalian Software Park
BY 2004-03-17 16:55:02
Dalian Software Park
In order to develop its information industry in a centralized way, Dalian City Government established Dalian Software Park in Dalian High-Tech Zone. Due to its remarkable internationalization, the park was named “National Software Industry Base” jointly by China’s State Development Planning Commission and China’s Ministry of Information Industry, becoming the only national-level software base in northeastern China.

Situated in southwest Dalian, Dalian Software Park is located in the Higher-Education and Scientific Research Zone near the beautiful Xinghai Golf. Occupying a land area of 7.16 km2, it is the largest software park in China.


The blue print of DLSP Phase II

Dalian Software Park is characterized by its internationalization efforts. It not only gathered most of the local software enterprises, but also attracted many large and well-known enterprises from other parts of China as well as from abroad, including NEUSOFT GROUPLTD and China Computing Software Technology Co., the two largest software enterprises In China. China Netcom, Norkia, Hitachi, PSA from Singapore, Panasonic Communication Co., and SCM have each invested a large amount in the park.

Today, about 40% of the software enterprises in the park export to Japan and to the U.S.A group of software companies with export capability are rapidly growing, and software export has reached 70% of the park’s annual software sales.

The park so positions its software products: gather the strength of key enterprises, span across both the domestic and foreign markets, and develop characterized application software.

Dalian Software Park also hosts China’s first high-level software personnel training college, the NEU IT College. The college offers baccalaureate, master, and doctorate education as well as short-term & medium-term training. In addition, the park enjoys the best telecommunications facilities in China including digital communication stations and satellite stations.

The goals of Dalian Software Park are to become a world-famous software export base and software personnel training base, emphasizing business with Japan, and to make Dalian a model city of software industry internationalization.


neusoft insitute.jpg

NEU Soft Park--the IT traning institute nearby DLSP

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