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Dalian International Logistics Park
BY 2004-03-17 16:24:07
Dalian International Logistics Park, approved to be established by Dalian Municipal Government, is co-invested by Dalian Free Trade Zone, Dalian Port Authority, and Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport. The Park is devoted to international logistic industry. The Administration of Dalian Free Trade Zone is authorized to exercise administrative power over the Park.

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The blueprint of Dalian International Logistics Park

The General Plan

The Park consists of two parts --- respectively called Dayaowan Zone and the Airport Zone. The total planned area calls for 3.5 square kilometers. The Dayaowan Container Terminal, will cover an area of 3 square kilometers, of which the first phase of 1 sq. km is to be developed in 2002. The Airport Zone, located in the second expansion area of Dalian International Airport, and to be developed right away, will cover an area of I sq. km. 0.5 sq.km.

Administrative Management

The Park is under the jurisdiction of Administration of Dalian Free Trade Zone. The existing related departments for Dalian Free Trade Zone, such as Dalian Free Trade Zone Customs House, Commodity Inspection Bureau, Foreign Currency Control Office, Tax Bureau, Human Resources Department, and land Planning Bureau, etc. will supervise the daily operation of the Park.

Customes Supervision

With centralized mode of management on cargo flow, the Park offers Network management and 24-hour service on such formalities as loading , chartering, and commodity entry and exit , etc. The Park has an efficient Customs supervision network and channels on cargo delivery. Goods can be shipped into or out of the park from or to the Port directly with the formalities done by the related departments of Dalian Free Trade Zone. The Customs clearance time is considerably reduced.

Preferntial Policies

The Park is defined as Semi Free Trade Zone, which means that all goods can be kept bonded with the supervision of the Dalian Free Trade Zone Customs House. Companies inside the Zone will enjoy simplified procedures, liberal foreign exchanges privileges, tax incentives. The pioneering logistic investors would enjoy lower land price or rent.

The Advantages of Coalition by Strengths

1.Dalian Free Trade Zone
Dalian International Logistic Park is closely connected to Dalian Free Trade Zone, the only one of its type in Northeast China. Dalian Free Trade Zone, considered to be inside China but outside the Chinese Customs Territory, covers and area 2 sq. km. There are over 1000 enterprises registered with the Zone.
  The Free Trade Zone is expanding toward Dayaowan Container Terminal, and is aiming to be consolidated with related zones nearby to form an international free zone I which all business activities will follow international free trade practice.

2.Dalian Export Processing Zone
The Zone is a neutral, secured enclave legally outside Chinese Customs territory. It provides and easier and liberal access and environment for those export processing enterprises. The planned area of this Zone is 8 sq. km and the first phase of 2.95 sq. km has been well developed. The industries in the zone make a good bade for Dalian international Logistic Park.
Dalian Free Trade Zone and Dalian Processing Zone are under the same authority, which will also supervise the Administration of Dalian International Logistic Park.

3.Dayaowan Habor
Dayaowan New harbor terminal, which is still under construction, is one of the 4 international deep-water seaports in China and is the most important container hub in the Northeast Asia in 21st Century. The seaport is famous for its ice-free and deep water. It neighbors Dalian Free Trade Zone and Dalian Export Proccessing Zone. It is targeting to become an international ocean lines, 32 near ocean lines, and 7 domestic trade lines. The average voyages are 240 per month. The harbor is connected to 160 countries and regions in the world. Now 7 Berths are in use, of which 4 berths, with the capacity of one million ETU, are jointly managed by Singapore Port Authority and Dalian Port Authority. There are two multi-funtional berths of the capacity of 35,000 tons and one bulk cereal berth of 80,000 tons. The Port’s coverage amounts to 28,000 sq. meters. 80 to 90 deep-water berths, with a container handling capacity of over 10 million TEU, is expected to be built. This sea transportation hub provides good facilities for Dalian International Logistic Park.

4.Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport
The Airport is the largest cargo airport in the Northeast China. It is classified as 4EI Airport, which consists of a 3,300 meters runway, a 111,000 sq meters apron, and a 32,000 sq meters Terminal Building. It currently contains 58 domestic lines, 13 international lines. There are 26 flights every week to different Japanese cities (Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Sendai, Fuji, fukuoka, Tomida).

5.Integration of Port and the Zones
Dayaowan Port, Dalian Free Trade Zone and Dalian Export Processing Zone are being integrated. Dalian Export Processing Zone is going to realize 5 sq kilometers reclamation of the beach land, which will linked directly to Dayaowan Port.
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