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Dalian Hi-Tech Industrial Park
BY 2004-03-17 16:15:57

1) Introduction

Dalian Hi-Tech Industrial Park is a national industrial park approved by the State Council in 1991, it has three characteristics:

The fastest developing Overseas Students Park in China with the best infrastructure. Approved by the Ministry of Personnel, the park hosts Chinese Overseas Students Pioneering Week at the end of June and the beginning of July each year.

Chinese first class software park of international standard, which is Software export base approved by the Ministry of Science and Technology. The largest and best training institute for software in China-NEUSOFT Institute of Information Technology is located there.
Dalian DD Port (Digital and DNA) guided by advanced concept.
Chinese Academy of Sciences has set up the Hi-Tech Industrial Incubation Fund within the DD Port and encourages their affiliating institutions to localize their achievements to the port, they have also established talents training base in the port.

2) Advantageous Environment For Investment

A. (Convenient Transportation Network)
Dalian Port is neither stagnated nor frozen over the year with its broad port and deep water. Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport has connections with the large cities all over the world. The perfect traffic system formed in the Zone is closely connected to the modernized sea, land and air transportation network of Dalian.

B. (High Standard Infrastructure Facilities)
Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone is providing first-class conditions and overall services for the modernized manufacturing and office work. In addition to the infrastructures in the area of road, water supply, telecommunication, steam supply, heat supply and etc. four big telecommunication carriers-China Netcom. China Telecom. China Unicom. China Railcom. have started their operations in Dalian High-tech Zone. The whole area has been covered by all optical fibre. The band width of the international gateway at the first stage is 345M and the backbone network has exceeded 40G for the Northeastern Telecommunication Center and IDC Platform established in Dalian High-tech Zone. Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone has also set up a Satellite Data Communication Receiving Station. The Quality Evaluation Center, Open Developing Platform, Data Center and Call Center are also established in accordance with the international standard to supply different kinds of data and voice services.

C. Ideal Environment for Living
Living: Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone attaches great importance to the ecological and human environment. The harmony of man , nature and industrial development is what we are pursuing. First-class living facilities have provided an ideal home for investors. The high-level residential sections such as Ruan Jian Zhi Yin, Xue Qing Yuan, Hong JI Shu Xiang Yuan, Xin Ke Huan Yuan, Xue Fu Shi JIa, Han Lin Guan Hai and etc. have formed a cozy and comfortable, elegant and warm high-quality intellectuals community environment.

Medical Care: Two comprehensive hospitals as well as several specialized hospitals and clinics have been set up in the zone to provide services of sanitation, epidemic prevention, physical examination, medical treatment and first aid, etc for the company staffs and residents. Furthermore, the advanced external hospitals are set up in the city proper of Dalian.

Commerce: Located close to the downtown of Dalian, Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone can fully rely on the developed functional networks of the city of commerce, trade, finance, post, telecommunication, information and etc. Dalian has 3 world famous big retailers, Wal-mart, Carrefour and Mctro. As well as the largest domestic chain shops such as Hualian and Dashang Group, etc. In addition, the joint-ventured department stores like Mycal and Parkson, etc. also provide perfect places for business, recreation, leisure and shopping.

Education: there are 12 full-time universities and colleges in Dalin. And the bilingual kindergartens, primary and middle schools are also set up adhering to the modernized standard to provide the best education environment for the kids.


D. Internationalized Services
The administrative Committee of Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone, as the agent of Dalian People0„30…4s Government, has been sticking to the principals of 0„3¡ãsmall government, overall services0„3¡À, high efficiency and internalization. The rapid one-stop approval service, considerable investment consulting service, regular customer visiting and fastest customs declaration for goods are provided here.

E. Abundant Human Resources
Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone is located int eh scientific educational cultural area of Dalian City spread with 12 universities like Dalian University of Technology, Dalian Maritime University, Dongbei University of Finance and Economy and etc. that will supply more than 20,000 different specialized talents each year.
In order to meet the demands for the talents working in the software developing and information service industries, several IT talents training bases have been established such as Dalian University of Technology Software School, Dalian Railway Institute Software School, International Software Talents Training Base of China, Dalian Neusoft Institute of Information Technology and etc. The new recruitment only in 2001 reached as much as 5,000. Meanwhile in order to develop the information services and software outsourcing businesses targeting the markets of Japan, the United States and Europe, many Japanese and English languages training centers have been set up in Dalian High-tech Industrial Zone.

3) Preferential Policies

A. Taxation Policies

1. The income tax of the high-tech enterprise shall be levied at the reduced rate of 15% from the date of its recognitions as high-tech enterprise. The newly established high-tech enterprises shall be exempted from income tax for the first 2 years after it goes into operation upon approval by the competent tax authorities of the application filed by the enterprise. The newly established foreign-funded high-tech enterprise shall be exempted form income tax for the first two years beginning from the profit-making year upon approval by the competent tax authorities of the application filed by the enterprise.
2. The foreign[funded enterprise of a production nature scheduled to operate for a period of not less than 10 years within the high-tech Zone, shall be exempted from income tax in the first and second years and allowed a 50% reduction in the third to fifth years beginning from the profit-making year.
3. The income tax of the foreign-funded advanced technology enterprise may, after the expiry of its tax exemption term and tax reduction term stipulated by the state, be allowed a 50% reduction for a prolonged 3 years, but not lower than 10%.
4. The foreign-funded export enterprise shall, upon its expiry of the tax exemption term, be allowed a 50% reduction of the income tax rate stipulated by the Tax Law when its export value exceeds 70% of its annual output value. To those who had paid the income tax at the rate of 17%, if fulfilling the above article, the income tax shall be levied at a 10%.
5. To those selling own-developed softwares the part of actual taxation exceeding 3% after levied VAT at the rate of 17% before 2010 shall be refund immediately to the enterprise for developing new software and enlarge the production.
6. The income tax of the newly established software enterprises in the Zone applies the preferential policies of 0„3¡ã2 years0„30…4 full exemption and 3 years0„30…4 half deduction0„3¡À from the profit-making year upon its recognition.
7. The income tax shall be levied at the reduced rate of 10% if it is one of the state0„30…4s planning key software enterprises without enjoying the preferential policy of income tax exemption in the year.
8. The remuneration and training expenses of the software enterprises are deductible from the enterprise taxable earnings.
9. Those high-tech enterprises who indeed have difficulty in paying taxes after the expiry of the tax exemption term, may be granted, subject to approval, appropriate preferences for tax reduction or exemption within a certain term.

B. Tariff Policies

1. Upon approval by the Customs, the high-tech enterprise may set up its own bonded warehouse, or bonded plant inside the High-tech Zone. Customs shall, as per the relevant stipulations on the import materials processing, exempt the import duty, import product tax and VAT of the actual export quantity of the processed goods.
2. Except for some export products limited and stipulated separately by the state, the export products manufactured by the high-tech enterprises are exempted from export duties.
3. The instruments and the equipments used by the high-tech enterprise in the High-tech Zone for high-tech development shall, upon examination and verification by the customs of the approving documents obtained from the relevant approving department by the enterprise, be exempted form the customs duties if unable to be purchased on Chinese market.
4. The self-using equipment and its attached technology (including software) and the fitting accessories, are all exempted from the customs duties and the import VAT except those listing in the 0„3¡ãNo Duty-exemption Imported Goods Catalogue for Foreign Invested Projects0„3¡À and 0„3¡ãNo Duty-exemption Imported Goods Catalogue for Domestic Investment Projects0„3¡À.

C. Land Policies
Upon examination and approval by the relevant department of the High-tech Zone, the land price for the high-tech enterprise and the high-tech project may be reduced by 20-80% according to its technological level, investment scale and intensity. As to the high-tech enterprises that have difficulty in paying the full land price in one lump sum, they are allowed to pay in installments.

Talent Policies
Professionals are encouraged to work in the high-tech Zone. Those urgently needed by the enterprises in the Zone (and their dependent family members) may obtain a permanent residence right upon examination by the Administrative Committee of the High-tech Zone and approval by the relevant municipal department.

Other Policies
The proportion that technological achievements bear to the total shares may, after being recognized as high-tech, be increased to 35% when contributed as investment. The person who has accomplished the technological achievement and the principal person in its industrialization are entitled to an award in the form of share rights equivalent to their actual contributions and the proportion there of is without restrictions.

4). Service System

A.Administrative Committee

Telephone Operating Room 4792100
Business Promotion Bureau Tel:4793643 Fax:4793620
Scientific & Technological Industry Bureau Tel:4793371 Fax:4793637
Labor and Personnel Bureau Tel:4793609
Land Plan and Construction Bureau Tel:4793645
Development & Planning Bureau Tel:4792100-422
Financial Bureau Tel:4793611
General Office Tel:4793603 Fax:4793639

B.(Supporting Systems)

Headquarter of DD port Tel:7406932
Construction and Development Corporation Tel:4648267
Property Company Tel:4790071
Incubation Center Tel:4791773
Import and Export Corporation Tel:4678942
Bonded Exhibition Centre Tel:4684323
Employment Service Centre Tel:4793630
LiaoNing FADA LAWFIRM Tel:4790360
Xinhua Accountancy Firm Tel:2657758
Land Requisition Service Station Tel:4792001
Construction Project safety and Quality Supervision Station Tel:4791952
Comprehensive Tipstaff Bureau Tel:4792005
Law Office Tel:4792199
PICC Hi-Tech Zone Branch Tel:3639191
Construction Bank Hi-Tech Zone Branch Tel:4678761
Agricultural Bank Hi-Tech Zone Branch Tel:4628909
Communication Bank Hi-Tech Zone Branch Tel:4310584
China Merchant's Bank Hi-Tech Zone Office Tel:4637756
Bank of industry and Commerce Hi-Tech Zone Branch Tel:4671310
Commercial Bank Hi-Tech Zone Branch Tel:4639747
Guangdong Development Bank Hi-Tech Zone Branch Tel:4637210
CITIC Industrial Bank Hi-Tech Zone Office Tel:4610658
Everbright Bank Hi-Tech Zone Branch Tel:4640966
Public Notary Office Tel:4791623

C. (The Agencies of Dalian City)

The Municipal Bureau of Industry and Commerce Hi-Tech Zone Branch Tel:4622118
State Tax Bureau Hi-Tech Zone Branch Tel:4621018
Local Tax Bureau Hi-Tech Zone Branch Tel:4630503
Patrol Police Station 9th Team Tel:4792454

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