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Zoos, Farms & Aquaria
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Lao Tie Mountain Reserve
A paradise of birds

tel: +86 (0)411 8661 3697; +86 (0)411 8620 0124
address:southern tip of Lushunkou),Dalian, Liaoning,CN

The top of Lao Tie Mountain, 466 meters above sea level, affords a fantastic view of the cobalt sea stretching away to distant Peng Lai Island, where Chinese emperors once sent expeditions to search for a magic elixir rumored to make immortal anyone who drank it. Dangerously steep cliffs, serene surroundings and luxuriant vegetation make this a paradise for migratory birds, and every winter hundreds of thousand of birds of more than 200 species make a stopover here. They include endangered species like the red-crowned crane, black stork and cinereous vulture.

open hours: noon-midnight daily

Sun Asia Ocean World
Mystical world of the sea

tel: +86 (0)411 8468 5213
fax: +86 (0)411 8468 5217
address:West Binhai (Beach) Road,(Xinghai Park),Dalian, Liaoning,CN

This favorite tourist attraction gives you the chance to roam the bottom of the sea. Via an extensive underwater glass tunnel system (the largest in Asia), it allows you to get up close and personal with exotic fishes, sharks and other sea life. The main display area has approximately 200 species of fish, totaling 10,000 in number. People can also watch divers feeding and interacting with the fish.

nearest train: Bus 22, 23, 201 or 406 to Xinghai Park
open hours: 9am-4pm daily

Tiger Beach Paradise Underwater World
Popular aquarium at a popular beach

tel: +86 (0)411 8268 4217
address:3 Tiger Beach Street, Zhongshan District
(Tiger Beach Park),Dalian, Liaoning,CN, 116003

This aquarium ranks as one of China's largest. Situated at Tiger Beach Park, this wonder-center consists of four parts: Sea Animals Exhibition Area, Tropical Fish Area, Large Sea Animals Area, and a show and performance area. Tourists can view penguins, sharks, live coral and numerous other species. The performance pool stages live diving shows and other colorful events, such as the Sea Maiden Show. Visiting this aquarium not only provides fun for the whole family but also enhances knowledge about the ocean and its inhabitants.

nearest train: Buses 2, 4 to Tiger Beach Park
open hours: 9am-6pm daily

Yangxin Crocodile Garden
Crocodiles oh my

tel: +86 (0)411 8466 5870; +86 (0)411 8468 9204
fax: +86 (0)411 8466 5970
address:(west of Bai Nian Cheng Diao, Xing Hai Square)
Dalian, Liaoning,CN

Located at the southwest corner of Xing Hai Square, this park has more than 400 crocodiles from three continents and includes breeds such as the famed Nile crocodile and the Yangtze Crocodile from Anhui province. The park resembles a tropical rain forest and covers more than 10,000 square meters. You can enjoy live crocodile performances, as well as Thai musical acts. If you are feeling a bit daring, you can taste crocodile meat, or purchase crocodile skin products. Admission: adults CNY40.

nearest train: Bus 16 to Zhong Dian Zhan stop
open hours: 9am-5pm daily (closed in winter)


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