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International markets
BY 2004-03-16 16:21:14

Japan and Korea are Dalian's closest international neighbors, and both countries have long-standing commercial links with Dalian, as well as cultural and historical ties. Since the beginning of economic reforms, numerous Japanese and Korean companies have set up export processing facilities in Dalian, to benefit from advantageous costs for labor and raw materials. Dalian's trade and transportation links to both Korea and Japan are very well developed, and Dalian's labor force includes many fluent Japanese and Korean speakers. Numerous foreign investors have set up production facilities in Dalian from which they serve both the China market and North Asia market.

Dalian has a long history of entrep?t trade with Russia, and commercial ties are projected to develop rapidly as Russia implements market reforms. Dalian's ice-free port and surface transport links throughout the northeast will facilitate this growth. Dalian has regularly scheduled flights to Irkutsk, the provincial capital of Siberia.

Dalian also has close trade and transport links with major ports in Asia, such as Hong Kong and Singapore, and offers convenient flights and shipping to East Asian and South East Asian destinations. Singapore's Port Authority is a joint-venture partner in the development of Dalian's Dayaowan Container Terminal.

Emerging Markets

The Tumen River Development Project is a United Nations-sponsored initiative for integrated economic development of China's northeast, the Russian Maritimes and North Korea. Dandong, which is approximately 200 kilometers to the east of Dalian, is the site of an Economic Co-operative Development Zone that has been established to facilitate border trade between China and North Korea. Dalian has regularly scheduled flights to Pyongyang, the capital of North Korea.

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