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Business Partners within regions
BY 2004-03-16 16:00:10
Dalian is well-placed to provide a variety of potential business partners for joint-venture operations, or co-operative enterprises. We can also assist you in sourcing sales agents and distribution information to help in your marketing campaign.

I.Private enterprises in the northeast

According to the World Bank's International Finance Corporation, the fastest growing component in China's economy is the private sector-this includes privately-owned enterprises, agribusinesses and non-state collectives. The non-state contribution to the GDP of China in 2000 was 62%.

Private enterprise brings new vitality to the northeast

The northeastern provinces have a number of companies ranked amongst China's top 500 privately-owned companies, and whose brand names are well known to China's consumers:

Construction materials:
Huafeng Furniture Manufacturing,
Panpan Construction Materials Corporation,
Shide Construction Materials Construction, Xiyang Group

IT and Bio-tech:
Tonghua Dongbao Pharmaceuticals,
Jilin Xiuzheng Pharmaceuticals Ltd.,
Dalian Sunscape Bio-tech Corporation, Shenyang Dawncom.

Consumer Products:
Jilin Deda Corporation, Dayang Garment Group

A new generation:

Young researchers and entrepreneurs in Dalian and returnees from overseas studies are paving the way for a new wave of innovation. Many dynamic young local private companies in Dalian are seeking foreign partners.

A number of these businesses are in hi-tech industries, and can offer a very well educated workforce, pioneering technologies and modern management techniques.

Incubator facilities help the advantageous clustering of such companies, and Dalian now has two software parks. The recently announced partnership between Dalian's University of Science and Technology and DDA, as well as the availability of credit guarantees and other preferential privileges in DDA are particularly recommended for SMEs and start-ups.

II.State-Owned Enterprises (SOEs)

SOEs have traditionally formed the backbone of industrial production in China, and some of the largest of these enterprises are located in the northeastern provinces.

A major restructuring and modernization effort to upgrade many state-owned enterprises is currently underway, in order to make them more competitive in a global economy. Several state-owned enterprises have undergone restructuring by professional management consultancies and asset management companies, and are now ready for a new phase of economic development.

A large-scale project funded by the UK government in Liaoning province has not only assisted with restructuring state-owned enterprises, but is also providing credit guarantee funds and professional consulting services.

Such restructured companies present a number of advantages to potential investors, as they can offer modern management teams, distribution channels, client listings, physical plant and a skilled workforce.

Major state-owned enterprises in the northeast that achieved national recognition for their products include the following:

Changchun First Automobile Works, Anshan Steel Corporation, Aodong Pharmaceutical Corporation, Jilin Petrochemical, Chanlin Motorcycle Corporation, Changchun Cigarette Corporation, Shenyang Aircraft Industrial Group, Fushun Aluminium Corporation, Liaoning Huang Hai Automobile Corporation, Harbin Hafei Motorcycle Ltd., Heilongjiang Longdi Group, Dalian Zhen Ao Bio-Engineering Corporation and Dalian Da Xian Group.

SOEs open "window companies" in Dalian

Many of the state-owned enterprises in northeastern China have diversified their business interests, and have chosen Dalian as the site for new commercial operations, particularly for logistics or service functions.

Dalian is an attractive location for such operations, due to its favorable transport facilities and dynamic business environment.

III.Companies affiliated with Chinese research institutes or design institutes

Dalian has over 40 research institutes, and many more are located in the northeastern provinces. This rich pool of talent can offer very valuable support to foreign investors seeking to hire specialized skills.

In addition, as the economy has diversified, many research centers have incorporated to undertake collectively-owned business ventures.

The smaller scale and specialized focus of such companies make them well-suited as potential partners for foreign SME investors, and they can also provide a rich source of technical expertise and a comprehensive knowledge of local market conditions.

Major research institutes located in Dalian include the following:

Chinese Academy of Science (Dalian) Chemistry and Physics Research Center
Dalian IT and Informatics Research Center
Dalian Optical and Precision Machinery Research Center
Dalian Agricultural Machinery Research Institute
Dalian Electro Mechanical Research Institute
National Marine Environment Monitoring Center
Dalian Architectural Research and Design Institute
Dalian Building Materials Research and Design Institute
Liaoning Marine Products Research Center
Liaoning Forestry Resource Management Research Center
Dalian Synthetic Fiber Research Institute
Dalian Veterinary Pharmaceuticals Research Center
Dalian Food Processing Research Center
Dalian Energy Resources Research Center
Dalian Pharmaceutical Research Center
Dalian Electronics Research Center
Dalian Environmental Science Design Institute
Dalian Computer Science Research Center

One local company that has used such a partnership to good advantage is Dalian Chemphy Chemical Corporation, which has set up a bio-genetic laboratory in affiliation with the Chinese Academy of Science (Dalian) Chemistry and Physics Research Center.

Other major research centers located in the northeastern provinces include:

Changchun Fiber Optical and Machinery Research Institute
Jilin Chemical Industries Design Institute
Changchun Experimental Machinery Research Institute
Beet Sugar Research Institute of China
Heilongjiang River Fishery Research Institute
Jilin Applied Chemical Research Institute
Changchun Gold Research Institute


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