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Regional Market Share
BY 2004-03-16 15:51:31
Regional Market - over 10% of China's industrial economy

The three provinces in the region, Liaoning, Jilin and Heilongjiang were amongst the pioneers of China's industrialization in the last century, and much of the region's heavy industrial base was developed in the early years of national construction, under state-owned management.

In accordance with China's national economic reforms, an accelerated process of restructuring these industries began in the late 1990s, to make them more competitive in the global economy. 

Household consumption and GDP in 2000 for the three provinces accounted for 11% of the nation's total, in line with population ratios (2000 China Statistical Yearbook).

This reflects the success of ongoing reforms to the state-owned industrial sector, plus the growth of the private sector in the region's economy. Liaoning is one of China's major industrial provinces.

It was 6th in national rankings for wage earners in 2000, and its import/export totals were the 8th highest ranking in the country. The economy of Liaoning dominates this rich regional market and Dalian is the commercial hub.



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