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Dalian International Fashion Festival
BY 2004-03-15 14:49:05

The annual festival is undoubtedly the biggest event of the city. It not only shows Dalian people''s love for life and beauty, but also expresses their desire to open up to the rest of the world.

The event itself brings together designers, commercial arena models, fashion agents and fabric manufacturers from all over the world.

The schedule usually includes a series of collections by some of the world''s top designers, forums for dress and adornments, cultural seminars and a garment & fabric expo.

And at the same time it also features a city carnival -- it''s a time when singers, dancers, musicians head for town and display their talents. Such celebrations as grand opening ceremony, closure, parades, raree shows and park plays entertain both the local citizens and guests from home and abroad.

The gala is usually unveiled at the beginning of September and lasts for one week.

The famous Japanese fashion designer Moli Hidea at the fashion show
The show of Japanese Ubi Katura Wedding Garments

The show of Dalian's famous brands
Dalian people's keen interest in dressing has naturally promoted its garment industry. Those famous brands are not only attractive at home but also influential abroad.

The colorful magnificent parade appealing to hundreds of thousands of enthusiastic on-lookers

Overseas friends and artistic teams rejoice together with the local people on the grand occasion of Dalian International Fashion Festival

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