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Education and schooling
BY 2004-03-12 16:35:37
[Higher Education]
The gross admitting rate of the students in his 20’s is 26%. There’re 18 colleges and technical schools, among which 2 city-level high shools, 4 private technical schools. There are 118 thousand students in the universities and colleges, incresed by 21% than last year, among which 16828 in the city-level colleges, increased by 10%. There are 11144 doctors and graduates, increased by 34.4%.
[Adult Education]
There are 17980 adult students in the special schools for aduls, increased by 42.9%; and 42052 in the adult college of the regular universities. There has been 340 thousand self-taught exams, with 3132 having got the certificates and diplomas. There are 360 thousand adult students in the adult techinical training school.
[School Facilities]
158 thousand square metres were used to build new schoools, and 120 thousand dangerous school houses were reformed. 5 residential schools were newly built. The reform project of the road and playground of 11 middle and primary schools was on the way. 7 senior middle school houses have been newly built and and enlarged. 6 schools have been paved with plastic playground. The boarding houses and other logistic facilities have been built with the socail fund.
[The Quality of The Teachers in Primary and Junior Middle Schools]
The rate of qualified teachers in primary schools has reached 98.8 percent, increased by 2.3 percent than last year. 44.9% teachers has the degree higher than diploma, increased by 1%.and 39.1% of them has undergraduate certificate, increased by 4.81%, and 93.36% high school teachers are qualified, increased by 2.3%.
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