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Public culture deveolpment
BY 2004-03-12 16:32:09
In the city, the area of all public libraries is 830000 square metre, and the collection of books has achieved 3970000 volumes. The city juvenile library is selected as the national advanced culture units. The city library got the 1st prize in the adult group of the provincial libraries’ automatic evaluation, and the city juvenile got the 1st prize in its group.
Over 1600 printing enterprises have been reregistered, closed ,and replaced, 140 of which have been cut down. More than 1500 enterprises in charge of the sale, printing, and copying of books and newspaper, tapes, and other electronic publications have been checked up.
[Management of The Culture Market]
Over 1600 netbars and other places in charge of internet service have been checked up by more than 2800 supervisors, with over 290 places punished for illegal running. More than 3000 culture relics involved in law cases and the subject of the culture relics’ auction have been identified . Fundamental education: the rate of the foreschool children entering kindergarten has reached 80%.

The goal that children of 6 years old should enter school was preliminarily realized, with the primary school admittng rate of 99.3%, junior middle school 95.2%, and senior middle school 79.9%, among which 97.3% are from the downtown 4 district. The number of the students in the ordinary senior middle school was 82551, incresed by 12% than last year, among which 11219 were in the private schools.  
[Vocational Education]
There are 23234 students in the secdary school, 30966 in the vacational senior middle school, 15418 in the technical school, and 2157 of them have entered the senior technical college.
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