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Public facilities and activities
BY 2004-03-12 15:52:02
[Public Places]
There are 8 professional art performance groups, 9 art performance places(including 6 theatres and 3 cinemas), 1 public art museum, 10 culture museums, 184 culture stations, 12 public libraries, 5 museums, and 330 film-projecting units in the city.
[Art Performance]
The professional art performance groups accomplished over 300 performances at home, and over 600 overseas performances. The city owned art groups, organized groups to perform in Japan and Austria for 10 times, and we received over 20 national art groups from USA and Russia.

Many large performances, such as the evening party in the opening ceremony of the 14th Dalian International Fashion Festival, all achieved great success. The modern drama “the water of peach blossom in March”got the 1st prize in the national modern drama contest.

The essay “the house of roses”achieved 5 single prizes and the golden prize of drama in the essay contest of the 3 North-eastern provinces. The acrobatics group got 2 silvery prizes in the national youth contest.
[Public Culture Activities]
We are going on the public square culture activities by the theme of the Melody of the New Century, the public singing activities, and the 10th Korean Custom Festivals and so on. In the national and provincial contest, the programmes sent by our city got 3 national prizes and 84 provincial prizes.
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