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City Infrastructure
BY 2004-03-12 15:40:55

The annual cargo handling capacity of Dalian port is 112 million tons, the container handling capacity is 1.35 million TEU.

The passenger volume of Dalian airport is 3.335 million person-time, the cargo and mail handling capacity is 93,000 tons, and it has opened over 80 air routes??among them 14 are international routes, including Dalian to Japan, Korea, Russia and Hong Kong.

The total cargoes import and export through Dalian port values at US$20.6 billion, among them import values at US$9.15 billion and export values at US$11.45 billion.

The total road mileage is 4451 kilometers, and the average density is 36.4km/100km2. The Dalian's expressway which has linked Shenyang, Beijing, Changchun and Harbin has the mileage of 244 kilometers.

There are totally 600 million Cubic meters of water reserve in the over a dozen of reservoirs dispersed across Biliu River and Yingna River. The daily water supply capacity is 1.3 million tons with 900 thousand tons of water being actually utilized. With the increasing demand for the future development of the city, Dalian will divert water from Dayang River and Yalu River.

Sufficient supply of power and gas can meet the requirements of economic development.

[Urban Infrastructure Construction Projects]
Focusing on the 10 infrastructure projects, Dalian carried out 80 key urban construction projects in 2002, with the total investment of 8.84 billion Yuan. The 46.6 kilometers Light Rail from Xiang Lujiao to the Golden Pebble Beach has opened to traffic.

The second phase project of the trial tram rail from Dalian Maritime University to Heko started its trial run ahead of schedule. In the renovation and extension project of Dalian Railway Station, the renovation of the south square and the south wing has completed and the construction of the elevated waiting lounge and the north wing has almost been finished.

In the extension of Zhou Shuizi airport, 70 thousand square meters parking apron and 30 thousand square meters parking lot were newly built, and the new terminal building has started construction. The reservoir dam of the Yingna River has been built to 78 meters high and has started reserving water. In the renovation of the Tianjin Street, the infrastructure constructions such as upgrading all underground pipelines have been completed.

The underground construction of the Commercial City on Xi’an Road has finished. The second phase project of Dayao Bay container terminal, 250 thousand tons ore port, 300 thousand tons crude oil port and the second phase project of the Convention and Exhibition Center have started construction.

Dalian invested 1.04 billion Yuan in road building and 9 road projects have been finished including the renovation of the Heida Road, the construction of 7 overpasses open onto each other on the Dazhuang Road and the second phase project of the HaiPi Road. 34 kilometers road has been surfaced, with the black pavement rate of 63.2%, a rise of 6.7%, ranking the top among the cities of the province. 14 projects for the benefit of the citizens have been done such as widening and renovating the west sector of the Huanghe Road, the east sector of the Changchun Road, the Nansha Street and the Jiaobei Road, etc. 65 roads and streets have been maintained, with a total area of 1.2 million square meters, and 94.04% were in good condition. 5765 road lamps have been newly installed, and the lighting rate has reached 99%.
[Public undertakings]
In 2002, 18.7 kilometers gas pipelines were renovated and 29 thousand gas users were added. Meanwhile 22 kilometers drainage pipelines were renovated and 99.03% drainage facilities were up to the standard. The coverage rate of urban water supply is 100%.
The area of the public green land increased by 1.1 million square meters. 3.58 million trees and 10.1 million flowers were planted. Therefore the urban green coverage reached 41.5% and the per capita area of the public green land came to 9.5 square meters. Four squares, two parks, two urban woodland and 22 green gardens were newly built.
[Building Industry]
The added value generated by the qualified architectural enterprises was 5.6 billion Yuan, increased by 13% than that of the previous year. Among the 8100 projects under construction, 4341 were contracted by the way of bidding, accounting for 53.6%. 5941 projects were completed, among which 2147 were fine projects, taking up 36.1%. The labor productivity of the year calculated according to the output value was 85205 Yuan per person, up 16.1%.
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