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Dalian:a friendly & beautiful beach city
BY 2004-03-12 14:00:49

Aiming at being a modem, cosmopolitan city . Dalian is eager to make friends with all countries and regions. The candid, sincere, and hospitable people of Dalian have won many friends.

Dalian has now established sister city relations with 11 cities in eight countries Japan’s Kitanyushu and Maizuni, Oakland City and Houston in the US, Germany's Bramen Land and Rostock, Le Havre in France, Glasgow in Britain, Russia's Vladivostok,South Korea’s Inchon, and Vancouver, Canada. Frequent exchanges and ever closer   cooperation have made physical distance almost meaningless.

One group of overseas friends after another has come to Dalian, as have a large number of foreign leaders. While enjoying the vigor of this young city, they have also left with us their thoughts and impressions of Dalian.
Former UN Secretary General Doctor Boutros Boutros-Ghali exclaimed China should be proud of Dalian, for it's a model of China's success in reform and opening-up.

The Chairman of the international Olympic Committee, Juan Antonio Samaranch commented: Dalian is unique. She has won wide international recognition in many areas. lt's a huge economic and financial market. Businessmen and financiers from both China and overseas have increased their investments here. Meanwhile, athletes from Dalian have further strengthened the city's good reputation by their excellent performances in national and international tournaments, like the Olympics.

The former US Secretary of State, Alexander Haig, noted :The vigorous city of Dalian is attracting the world's attention; it has become China's leading commercial and tourism city .The friendly people, the beautiful city, the advanced technology, and the developed industry, together with its attractiveness as a fashion and art center have all made Dalian a model of Chinese cities.

Dalian doesn't let this praise go to its head. Its people continually strive to improve all aspects of their city. They extend a sincere welcome to friends from all over the world. Welcome to Dalian!


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