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Finance and Insurance
BY 2004-03-12 11:16:05

Foreign and domestic annual currency deposit balance of financial institution reach 211.54 billion Yuan , increased by 18% than the beginning of the year. Among them, annual RMB deposit balance is 184.18 billion Yuan, increased by 19.1% than the beginning of the year.

Foreign and domestic annual currency deposit balance is 114.49 billion Yuan ,increased by 13.4%. Among them, annual RMB saving deposit is 95.48 billion Yuan, with an increase of 11.5 billion Yuan than the beginning of the year. Foreign and domestic annual loan balance is 166.03 billion Yuan, increased by 13.3% compared to the beginning of the year.

RMB annual loan balance is 150.1 billion Yuan, increased by 14.4%. The bad loan rate of the whole city financial institution decreases by 4.13%. The balance of “two debts”(enterprise bonds and private debts formed by bond repurchasing) decrease by 34%, and both exceed the assessment criteria of the provincial government. The cash revenue of the financial institution is 349.7 billion Yuan, increased by 21.7% as compared to the beginning of the year.

Cash expense is 352.93 billion Yuan, increased by 35.7%. Net currency input is 3.17 billion Yuan. San Ling of Tokyo, Hui Shui of Japan, East-Asia of Hong Kong, Wai Huan of Korea foreign capital banks are allowed to set up RMB business.

Hui Feng, East-Asia, Nan Yan foreign capital banks are allowed to set up business dealed with Dalian Commercial Bank and make the asset increase of 200 million Yuan possible. Its bad loan rate decreases by 3.5% and make profits of 1.3 million Yuan.

8 foreign banks and 6 foreign financial organ settled in Dalian:

Mizuho Corporate Bank,Tokyo-Mitsubishi Bank, UFJ Bank, Yamaguchi bank, Sumitomo-Mitsui Bank, Fukuoka Bank, San-In Godo Bank, East Asia Bank, Southern Commerce Bank, HSBC Bank, Korean Exchange Bank

The insurance amount of the whole city is 619.8 billion Yuan , increased by 34.5 percent. The income of premium is 4.66 billion Yuan , increased by 32 percent. Among them, the income of the asset insurance premium is 1.11 billion Yuan , increased by 10.3 percent.

The income of personal insurance premium is 3.55 billlion Yuan, increased by 42 percent. The compensation amount of the whole year is 0.73 billion Yuan, increased by 17 percent. Among them, the compensation amount for asset insurance is 0.63 billion Yuan, increased by 15.6 percent; The compensation amount of personal death or injury is 100 million Yuan, increased by 26.7 percent.

The joint venture longevity company, the Initiate AnTai life insurance company goes into corporation in Dalian; TianAn, TaiKang,XinHua and Chinese export credit insurance company, the four national domestic-invested insurance companies settle in Dalian and hold the fourth Chinese-origin insurance meeting successfully.
This year, Dalian Sun-Asia sea world stock limited company succeeds in listing and raising funds of 0.238 billion Yuan. The management institutions of Da Tong security agency increased from 18 to 33, and its operation network covers 20 cities.

The whole year trade of security deputy amount is 28.4 billion Yuan, increased by 18%. The number of the listing companies of Dalian has reached 21 and the listing shares are 22. The market value will reach 42.645 billion Yuan at the end of the year. The amount of securities trading is 58.873 billion Yuan (including stocks and funds)
The volume of the futures trading, added up by Dalian commodity agency is about 9.681 million Yuan, increased by 2.3%.

The trading volume accounts for 69% of the national trading amount. The trading amount exceeds 2000 billion Yuan Yuan and reaches 2083.6 billion Yuan, increased by 5.4%. The amount accounts for 53% of the national futures trading.

It has been the number 1 in the national markets of the same kind for 3 consecutive years. Among them, the volume and amount of soybean futures contracts are 88.01 million Yuan and 1925.8 billion Yuan respectively and continuously remain in the first place in Asia, the second in the world.

The taxes turned over by Dalian commodity trading agency in the whole year are 100 million Yuan, increased by 9%.
HuaXin Trust set up “Happy E Home”, including new kinds like assets trust and shipping group assets trust, and obtain foreign currency business trading qualification.

It is active in the system reform of SOE property rights. Its assets amount to 2.3 billion Yuan, with its profits reaching 4.436 million Yuan.
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