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Internal Trade
BY 2004-03-12 11:09:18

The total turnover of the social consumer goods came to 59.19 billion Yuan, increased by 10.8% than that of the previous year.

Classified according to the economic types, the turnover in the state-owned economy was 3.61 billion Yuan, increased by 1.4%, the joint-stock economy was 5.6 billion Yuan, increased by 30.3%, and the foreign, Hong Kong, Macao, and Taiwan economy was 3.5 billion Yuan, increased by 20.3%. Classified according to industries, the turnover of wholesale and retail trade was42.44 billion Yuan (excluding the business volume of the conventions, exhibition and the wholesale), increased by 7.9%, and the catering trade was 8.16 billion Yuan, increased by 10.4%.

The comparable index of the residential consumption price was 98%, of which the consumer goods and service items were 97.7% and 98.6% respectively.

The town and city residents’ consumption demand for the products of living, traveling, communication, culture and spirit, etc, increased by 79%. The business volume of building and decoration materials in the exchange markets whose business volume is over 100 million Yuan increased by 79%.

The turnover of the automotive products and the communication equipment were one and 1.2 times respectively more than that of the previous year.

The turnover of the sports and entertainment products increased by 19.3%, the stationery and office ware increased by 34%, and the books, newspapers and magazines increased by 16%. The economic benefits were significant during Golden Week of Holidays.

[Commodity exchange market]
At the end of the year, the number of the commodity exchange markets in Dalian added up to 634, with the total transaction volume of 48.5 billion Yuan (excluding the transaction volume of the Dalian Commodity Exchange and Dalian North Grains Exchange market). ’

Transaction volume of 52 commodity exchange markets exceeded 100 million Yuan and their total transaction volume reached 28.6 billion Yuan, accounting for 59% of the total. Among them, there were 2 markets whose transaction volume was over 5 billion Yuan. The transaction volume achieved by Dalian Free Trade Zone this year was 18.5 billion Yuan, increased by 41.2%.

[Business infrastructure construction]
3 large shopping centers, namely the Century City, the Changxing shopping center and the New World department store, have been built.

5 large catch-all supermarkets including the Legou supermarket in the Peace Square, the Beijing Hualian supermarket in the May 1st Square, the Newmart supermarket of Dalian Department Store on the Changlin street in the Development Zone, the Wang Kelong sales market in Pu Landian and the Jinma supermarket in the Development Zone together with 351 chain-stores of all kinds have also been established.

The sales volume of chain-stores within Dalian accounted for 29.2% of the total turnover of the social consumption goods. 70 trial green retail markets were newly established, with the total number reaching 100.

The key logistic infrastructure constructions including Dayao Bay International Logistics Park, Gan Jinzi Logistic Base for Land and Port, Dalian Grains Logistic Center and Dalian Aquatic Products Logistic Center were in smooth progress.

By the end of the year, Dalian port had owned 258 business warehouses, covering an area of 10.107 million square meters. The storage capacity was 7.17 million tons, among which the capacity of the Nan Guanling National Grains Warehouses, the major national grain store base, reached 1 million tons.

[Quality and technical supervision]
In 2002, 19 types of products were selectively examined by the municipal quality and technical supervision sector, with the aggregative qualified products rate of 77.8%, and 5498 lots of products from 3828 enterprises were regularly examined, with the aggregative qualification rate of 88%.

1257 cases related to counterfeit and shoddy products have been filed for investigation and prosecution, including 3 major and serious cases and the prices of those products totaled 20.376 million Yuan. 52 counterfeit-making nests were suppressed and 555 thousand Yuan of counterfeit and shoddy products were destroyed.

Dalian adopted 60 international standards and advanced foreign standards within this year, thus making the number of adopted standards reach 2364, ranking the top among the cities of the province.

More than 20,000 organization code certificates and more than 25 thousand duplicates of IC cards were issued. 184 code system members were recruited. 380 thousand measurement instruments were examined, taking up 98% of the total, among which 320,000 were compulsorily examined.

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